8 DIY Holiday Gift Baskets


Still have some names to cross off your holiday shopping list? Forget gift cards or homemade cookies this year. Instead, put together a thoughtful and creative gift basket with the recipient’s interests in mind. Click through to check out some ideas.

What’s the best holiday gift you’ve ever received? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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1. Bookworms

Avid readers will be sure to love a couple of thoughtfully-curated paperbacks. Unsure about what books to choose? Talk to the staff at your favorite independent bookstore.

- 2-3 books
- Pretty bookmark
- Coffee mug with gourmet coffee, tea or hot cocoa
- Book light
- Snack(s) to munch on
- A book reviews section of a newspaper
- A reader’s journal, where the recipient can keep track of books they’ve read, books they want to read, their favorite passages, and more. Check outthis one, a personal favorite.


2. Outdoor Lovers

If you’re looking to splurge, package this stuff in a backpacker’s backpack.

- Maps of a few local hiking spots. Look around for lesser-known trails in your area. If you know the trail well, write some notes about cool spots to check out.
- Compass or GPS
- Trail mix
- Nalgene bottle
- A guide to local flora and fauna

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3. Foodies

Skip the gimmicky appliances and ingredients in a jar. What (most) foodies really want is the kind of high-quality pantry items they can’t always bring themselves to buy. You can splurge on goodies from a gourmet shop, or go the DIY route.

- High-quality olive oil and/or vinegar. Budget option? Infuse your own olive oil with herbs or fruit zest.
- A couple of uncommon salts (fleur de sel, flavored salts, pink salt, etc.) Or, for a more budget-friendly, DIY version, try making citrus or herb salts from scratch. Easy and delicious!
- Truffle oil. It’s pricey, but they’ll love you.
- DIY vanilla extract
- If you have a pasta maker, consider making homemade pasta.
- A great cookbook, or a couple of food magazines. Or, put together a book of your own favorite recipes.

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4. Film Fans

Who doesn’t love to kick back on a cold winter night with a great flick, some tasty snacks, and a bottle of wine? This gift basket idea is more than just a film and some food, though. Choose a movie (or movies) with a strong theme, and pick out gifts around that theme.

Packaging: Popcorn bowl or bucket from a movie theater.

- One movie. If you’re doing more than one, try to go for a theme. Say, all zombie movies, romantic comedies, or gripping crime dramas.
- Gourmet popcorn
- Bottle of wine or Italian soda
- Items related to themes of movies. If the film was adapted from a novel, perhaps include the print edition. Foreign film? Toss in some treats from that country. Is the film known for its killer soundtrack? Toss that in as well, or DIY it and make a mix tape!

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5. Beauty Junkies

Pamper the beauty aficionados in your life with some of these great treats.

- Face masks, bath gels or salts, lotions, etc. Try some DIY versions!
- Eye mask
- Pretty scented candles
- Fresh flowers or potpourri
- Bottle of champagne or sparkling cider
- Box of chocolates
- Relaxing music

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More Gift Basket Ideas:

6. Crafters: Sure, you can find some pricey kits for different crafting projects, but why not scour thrift stores, dollar stores, and even Craigslist for an assortment of cheap and unique goodies? You’ll be amazed at what you find, and what your crafter loved one can create. Try pairing it with a great book filled with craft project ideas.

7. Sports Fanatics: Is there a sports lover in your life? Fill a basket with some tasty snacks, their favorite team’s t-shirt or hat, a sports almanac, and/or a sports-themed movie, and, if you’re feeling especially generous, tickets to a game.

8. Gardeners: Fill a watering can or pot with some interesting seeds, some cute gardening gloves, a trowel, and some creative DIY plant markers. Check out tons of great suggestions for plant markers here.

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