8 Fun Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

It’s easy to get bogged down in the relentless onslaught of work, errands and survival. Many of us lose sight of our innate creative side at one point or another. But, creativity is one of the most important aspects for a happy, well-rounded life. It supports business, cooking, family life, problem solving—creativity is far undervalued in our society.

The first step to being more creative is doing things that make you just a little uncomfortable. Spark yourself with these eight whimsical, fun challenges:

Make a piece of art for your house. Have a blank space on your wall? Don’t rush to the nearest department store and buy a generic print. Try your hand at making your own. Even if it’s just a simple doodle, it represents you. Frame it and feel proud! I once convinced a friend of mine to put down the generic print he was about to buy at Target and frame a doodle instead.

Weeks later, I stepped into his apartment to find the walls filled with a dozen or so framed, postcard-size doodles. They were absurd, whimsical and made with pen on the back of a notepad, but his walls became quintessentially him. It filled him with pride that he made something he could display. Of course, if you’re really adverse to drawing, try photography—or even knitting your own hat. Just go make something!

Read a book that intimidates you. Have you always wanted to read Anna Karenina but been scared away time and again by the sheer heftiness of the text? You don’t have to be one of the intellectual elite to glean wisdom and inspiration from famous works of literature. Reading well-crafted plots flexes the muscles of the mind and allows your brain to explore new avenues of thought that would otherwise remain undiscovered.

Just crack open a book and commit to 30 pages. Odds are, you’ll be eager to read on once you overcome the initial challenge of starting. If you think literature isn’t for you, that simply means you haven’t found your niche yet.

Plate your dinner. I don’t care if you are just eating the same-old stand-by. No matter how common your meal—even a simple bowl of cereal—presenting it to yourself and/or a loved one in a pleasing manner makes everything better. You’ll enjoy your food more. You’ll eat more mindfully. You’ll get creative with ways to make your blandest meals more aesthetically pleasing. Meals begin with the eyes, after all.

If you want a challenge, commit to a 30 day photography project. Snap a picture of your dinner every night (that you cook at home) for a month. You don’t have to share them with anyone, but it may help you begin to think outside the box.

Be nice every day. It doesn’t matter if you hold the door open for the person behind you or you donate your holiday bonus to a charity. Being open and caring for others means you can open up to yourself. To put it simply, just keep your heart and mind open. Every. Single. Day.

Adventure alone. Adventuring alone is scary. It puts you face-to-face with yourself and forces you to confront both your strengths and your weaknesses. Those of us in partnerships may find themselves doing less activities solo than they might otherwise. But, regardless of your relationship status, doing something alone that makes you uncomfortable is essential for your growth and evolution as a human.

Perhaps you’ll decide to travel to the fjords of Norway on your own. Perhaps taking yourself out to dinner without any company is more your solo-adventure speed. Either way, the discomfort will eventually ease and you may end up really enjoying getting to know yourself. At the very least, it will give you a little more perspective.

Treat yourself to some stickers! This may sound silly, but is there anything more exciting than a fresh sticker? Those of us who love stickers love them because they are reminiscent of childhood. So, when you finish a project, why not reward yourself with a blast from the past? Go pick up a pack of shiny foil star stickers. If you accomplish something that makes you feel uncomfortable or challenged, take a sticker! Put it on your notebook, your coffee cup, or on your cheek! Maybe this won’t directly affect your creativity, but it sure will reignite your inner child.

Take a new, scenic commute. Instead of making the same old drive day after day, change it up. Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t stress, and drive down the backroads that you would otherwise have no reason to travel. New places, even if it is just your commute, can wake up the autopilot mind.

Take a tech sabbatical. If there is anything standing in the way of your inner creativity, it is most likely technology. The endless hours of entertainment and distraction that technology provides leaves little time for the mind to frolic and meander. If you are feeling creatively unfulfilled, take the plunge and ditch all your devices for an entire weekend. That means smartphone, television, laptop, Apple watch—any and all of it. You may find that within the emptiness of boredom, creative thoughts are born.

You are creative. Everyone is! You just need to open yourself up and find out what speaks to you.

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