8 Funny Misbehaving Dogs (Videos)


As much as we love our dogs, many have been known to pull off some majorly naughty things. But — hey — at least they usually feel guilty about them afterwards! Click through to check out some of the Internet’s naughtiest dogs.

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1. Time to Redecorate!

Gus the bulldog has some new decorating ideas for his house. Namely, the kiddie pool would look better inside the house!

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2. The Snitches

These poodles are totally willing to rat out the culprit!

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3. Somebody Got Into the Trash!

You come home to discover that one of your dogs has gone through the trash — but which one is the culprit, Jed, Xena or Tank?! Watch to see the damning evidence that points to the guilty dog!

4. What Dogs Do When People Aren’t Around

Ever wonder how dogs get into things that they’re not supposed to? This dog’s human companion set up a hidden camera to find out!

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5. The Best Way to Guilt Trip?

This puppy just wants to play! Her companion, though, has other ideas. Watch how the puppy reacts when her friend gets annoyed.

6. Baby and Dog Team Up

Add an 11-month-old baby to the mix and you get one naughty duo!

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7. The Escape Artist

Check out all the clever ways Kirby escapes his backyard hangout!

8. Really, Really Guilty Dog

Is this the guiltiest dog on the Internet? With over 18 million views, Denver just might be!

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Bette-Ann L.
Bette-Ann Libin5 years ago

Adorable...beyond the cute factor this video reminds me of what healthy love, nurture and positive parenting is all about...which is why I am vehemently Pro-Choice...every child a wanted child!

This mother is such an inspiration!

Martina A.

They are lovely!

Debra Griffin
Missy G5 years ago

Very funny

Tanja Z.
Tanja Zilker5 years ago

very funny

Aino Viita
Aino Viita5 years ago


Jessica Crane
Jessica Crane5 years ago

Haha love the trash one, guiltyyy!

Mary E.
Mary E5 years ago

too funny, thanks for sharing

Jane Warren
Jane Warren5 years ago

thnx for this

paul m.
paul m5 years ago

Nice one,,,,Thanks....

Past Member
Past Member 5 years ago

very funny