8 Great Rapture Day Moments

Whether you call it The Rapture, the Last Days, Armageddon or the Final Days of Judgment–the end of the world will be at exactly 6 p.m. on May 21, 2011, according to Harold Camping. Camping, an 89-year-old Christian radio broadcaster and president of Family Radio has been behind a major media blitz with radio programs and billboards across the country predicting the Rapture. (Media reports indicate that Family Radio has raised more than $100 million over the past seven years, according to tax returns. It owns 66 radio stations across the globe, and was worth more than $72 million in 2009.)

Read on for some of our favorite ‘moments’ from the Rapture spectacle…

If The Rapture Happened Right Now, What Would Happen To Your Pets?

At Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA, for a fee of $135 (plus $20 for each additional animal), your bird, cat, dog or other caged animal will be collected within 24 hours of the Rapture. Or you can choose the services of After the Rapture Pet Care, video below.

NORAD Rapture Tracker

The North American Aerospace Defense Command has today announce it’s intention to track the Rapture, as a curtain raiser to tracking the End of the World.

Commencing at 6pm on Saturday the 21st May, NORAD will use it’s highly acclaimed “SantaTracker” network of satellites and webcams to follow the Rapture from it’s beginning in Fiji and New Zealand and on, through the Far East, Asia, Europe and finally to the United States of America.

It is expected that the Rapture will change speed as it travels the world time zones. This may mean that the Rapture arrives a little earlier or later than expected in your local time zone, and so you should be prepared a little early, and not be too disappointed if you are still here a little later than you expect.

Read the entire post at Daily Kos…

Planning for the Unsaved

From Billy Bob Neck’s Website of Bein’ Good Post Rapture Planning: Caring For Your Unsaved Loved Ones

It is a sad and worrisome fact that when the Rapture comes some will remain on Earth despite the best of efforts of fine Christians and Christian websites such as this one to inform and educate the Godless, the wicked, the ignorant and the homosexuals as to the fate that awaits them. Theologians struggle to explain why the unsaved remain stubbornly defiant to God’s inescapable and well-documented will. As yet, no one has found a satisfactory theory….I would like to address the issue of how best to care for the un-raptured left on this Earth to wallow in the misery and weep bitter tears of regret for their hubris.

For tips on how to prepare shelter, childcare, currency, credit, sustenance, tools and transportation, read the entire post at Post Rapture Planning: Caring For Your Unsaved Loved Ones.


Bumper Sticker Brigade

One of the biggest problems facing those of left behind will be the abundance of driverless cars left on earth. A number of bumper stickers have been created to address this situation…


Post Rapture Looting

You know someone on Facebook would create a perfectly irreverent event to celebrate the end of the world–and thus, the Post Rapture Looting event was borne. According to the event’s planners, “When everyone is gone and god’s not looking, we need to pick up some sweet stereo equipment and maybe some new furniture for the mansion we’re going to squat in.”

Follow this link to join the other 494, 464 participants attending.


Blondie: Rapture

What better way to celebrate May 21st than with new-wave band Blondie? Rapture, the second and final song to be released from the band’s 1980 album Autoamerican, was released in January 1981 and may be the perfect soundtrack for the big day.


Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener6 years ago

Hahahahahahaha, stop it already!

Helena K.
Helena K6 years ago

thank you.. so much fuss about it, couldn't help noticing!

Elle Dee
Elle Dee6 years ago

My cousin got married that day!

Patti Tray
P T6 years ago

...wrong! TY & GOD BLESS!!

Patti Tray
P T6 years ago

@ Lois K-atheist right? Ok lois...whatever God you believe(or don't believe)in,makes no difference to me...b/c I Respect Anyone's Belief's no matter what they are & I Certainly DON'T Disrespect whatever they believe in!! You,Lois,are a Cold-Hearted Person,I don't like what you seem to stand for, but I Love you according to the teachings! I Am NOT a RELIGION...I AM a Christian Woman who has a Relationship with My Lord and Savior! It's ok if you don't agree,but Please don't disrespect me or Whom I Choose To Follow! The BIBLE is used by many different 'religions' who all teach it differently...the thing is,like anything you read,each person will have their OWN Interpretation of what they Read. So we may all read the same words,but everyone will pass over things &/or add to what they read,INTERPRETATION! The Bible Doesn't Change Just Like GOD Doesn't Change. A lot of people Claim to be Christian,when in reality they use it to put themselves above others,they spend so much running here & there in the 'Name of God'--that they forget what being a Christian actually means(& if you have to ask then you aren't one)! I used to be in an 'official' religion...but stopped going for certain reasons(long story),BUT the Belief that there was a GOD NEVER left me...it wasn't till MANY yrs later that I realized I could have a Relationship with GOD,in Truth & Spirit,w/o claiming a 'religion'! So,by all means,believe in what you will, but don't tell me what I Believe in is

Hugh Mcintyre
Hugh Mcintyre6 years ago

I loved this!

Sharon Balloch
Sharon Balloch6 years ago

Jesus said there were some there would still be there when he returned, and who is to say they are not? He did not say all would be there so I am thinking he has someone in mind when he said that..and Jesus knew he would not be back shortly because the whole world has to be in ruins when he returns..to the point that not even a remant would be left if he did not return..

And I have yet to find even one Christian
who believed this guy.. its as bad as the zeigisth and their writing all their stuff as if Jesus was actually born in December and claiming things Christians just plain never believed in the first place.

Jamie J.
Jamie J6 years ago

Ugh. Can we quit about the end of the world stuff? Doesn't matter whose end of the world it will (or won't) be. If it happens we can't do anything about it, if it doesn't, then why are we lying around feeling sorry for ourselves destroying the world with our lazy and self-gratifying way?

Bernadette P.
berny p6 years ago

Must have missed it!!!

Valerie Friedman
Valerie F6 years ago

I mean, all ya'll that actually believed this would happen..