8 Harsh Truths That Will Improve Your Life

By Glen Allsop of DumbLittleMan, via Divine Caroline

They say life is what we make of it. By the end of this post, I hope to have helped you decide whether that statement is true or not.

There is no doubt that life has its ups and downs. However, how we deal with them can sometimes make all the difference. I want to share eight harsh truths that Iíve come to learn from life. Thereís also a message in each that I think we can all learn from, and when applied, will improve our lives infinitely.

Some of these lessons may be old-hat for you. If so, look for ways to refine the idea to ensure your getting the most out of it. On the other hand, you may completely disagree with an idea or two and thatís great! Let us know your thoughts so we can all learn from each other.

1. Friends Come and Go
When I was in high school, I always imagined spending most of my life with the same people. Then when I realized I had to move to college, that all changed. Once again, I made some close college friends but left them all behind when I moved from the UK to South Africa.

Friends will always come and go in your life; even though Iím back in the UK now, all my friends are in university around the country and not exactly in meeting distance. It can be a hard thing to accept, but many of the friends you spend time with now, might not be around in the next few years.

Important Lesson: There are an abundance of amazing people out there for you to meet and build relationships with. If you donít have many friends, donít stress, there are literally billions of friendship possibilities.

2. You Wonít Always Get What You Want
I remember one Christmas when the only thing I had asked for was some second hand turntables for DJíing. I didnít ask for anything else so I was pretty sure I would get them. However, they didnít come and I ended up having to save for ten months on my own in order to purchase them.

You wonít always get what you want in life: people are going to be late, people will let you down, items you want wonít always be available.

Important Lesson: Donít look for happiness in material possessions and if things donít go your way, learn to accept them. Lifeís too short to stay miserable.

3. Many People Will Love You, but Many Will Not
Whether you are a celebrity, a charity worker, or just a normal guy, there are going to be people that love you and what you do, but thereís also going to be plenty people that donít like you. There are many possible reasons such as jealousy, similarities to them, or just not being someoneís ďtype.Ē

Important Lesson: Not everyone is always going to like you, and thatís fine. If people want to spend time talking about you then that is their problem. You are perfect as you are. You shouldnít need everyone to like you to have some form of self-esteem.

4. Nobody Can Transform Your Life Like You Can
Wouldnít it be lovely if we didnít have to go up on stage, but we could just read a paragraph of a blog post and become a perfect public speaker? Or, wouldnít it be nice if our friends could do daring things and we would benefit from them as well?

The support and help of others can only take you so far, youíre going to have to do your own thing to make big changes in your life situation.

Important Lesson: Do things for yourself and learn to stand on your own two feet. People you rely on wonít be around forever, and you donít want to have to use others as a crutch to get anywhere in life.

5. You Are Going to Fail
I built more than seven Web sites before I created one that actually started making me any money. I even put hundreds of hours into my own company that I actually closed down last month. Whether it is exams, projects, companies, or even the odd pub quiz, there are times when you will fail to meet your goals.

As the saying goes, ďOnly those who are asleep make no mistakes.Ē

Important Lesson: You can learn a lot from others, but it is your own failures that are going to teach you the most valuable lessons in life. Learn from your failures, embrace them, and use them to drive you on to success.

6. Rain Will Sometimes Cancel Play
On some occasions when you have your shorts on and youíre ready for the beach, itís going to rain. Or, when you get to that first hole and youíre ready to tee offóthe clouds will open. Things arenít always going to go how you would like them to.

Important Lesson: Donít stress about the things that you canít control. Learn to live with things that happen. You canít change the past, but you can change how you react to things.

7. There May Be No Tomorrow
At least, not for you anyway. We never know what is around the corner, a car crash, a heart attack; heck Ö even the end of the world is possible. Letís face it, although we would all like to live till we are seventy years old, thatís certainly not always the case. There will be one day that is our last.

Important Lesson: Make the most of each day. Make sure the people you care about actually know it, donít worry about little matters, just make sure you spend time doing the things you love.

8. Someone Else Will Always Have More
Whether it is money, partners, friends or even blog subscribers, there will always be areas where other people have more than you. That isnít to say you canít become abundant in whatever you want (i.e. someone always had more money than Warren Buffett until 2008 when he was noted to be the richest man in the world).

The wanting of more actually holds a very important lesson Ö

Important Lesson: Just because someone has ďmore,Ē that doesnít mean they are happy. Read the biography of any celebrity and they will tell you they enjoy their process of earning money, rather than what money can do to make them happy. In other words, focus on what you love, not what the thing you love can get you.

Linking all the lessons here together is actually quite simple, and I can share the majority of what you need to know to enjoy life in a few simple bullet points:

ē Live life for the moment
ē Accept what is, even if things donít go your way
ē Happiness is here, right now if you stop resisting and start accepting

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LMj Sunshine
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Thank you.

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Thank you.

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