8 Health Issues You Probably Don’t Have to Worry About

From beauty ideals to family histories, read on for some of the biggest health issues you don’t always have to worry about.



1. Cellulite

Here’s the biggie: cellulite, we promise, is little more than an aesthetic concern. It doesn’t say much about your health or weight, and, women of all shapes and sizes have it. In fact, a whopping 90 percent of women have it somewhere on their body. Ultimately, the women who don’t have any cellulite are the weird ones!

2. Family Tree

Just because your grandfather had heart disease or your great aunt suffered from diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll develop a chronic illness, too. A number of other factors, like lifestyle habits, environment and just pure luck, account for many instances of disease. While it’s important to know your family history, it doesn’t mean that it’s a death sentence. It can help guide your understanding of what difficulties you may face, certainly, but many people without a family history of cancer, heart disease, diabetes or whatever else can go on to develop them, and many people with the history of these diseases don’t.

3. Number 2

It’s totally normal to go number two anywhere from 3 times a day to once every 3 days. Any more or less is a possible sign of bowel issues, like diarrhea and constipation, respectively.

4. Stretch marks

Most women get stretch marks at some point in their life. Having them isn’t necessarily a bad thing—after all, giving birth and going through puberty, the most common causes of stretch marks, are perfectly normal and healthy things. Stretch marks can run in families, too. One thing that is a concern, however, is if you develop stretch marks after a rapid weight gain or loss.



5. Thigh Gaps

Sure, you usually have to be thin to have a thigh gap—but not all thin women have space between their thighs, and having one is merely a sign of genetics, not health.

6. Cankles

Cankles, or a lack of definition around your ankles that makes it look like your calf connects directly to your foot, may, in a few instances, be a sign of health problems like heart troubles and diabetes. But they’re not necessarily indicative of anything problematic at all—yep, having cankles is very often but genetic. They can also occur because you’re pregnant or you’re retaining too much fluid.

7. Biological clock

The truth is, the most commonly cited study on fertility rates and age in popular media, is based on the fertility of 17th century french peasants. And, well, these days, most people in the western world don’t live in such conditions. Antibiotics didn’t exist yet. Mortality rates were far lower. Diseases that are all but eradicated today were rampant. In short, this study doesn’t take into account all of the medical, social and scientific advancements of the industrial revolution, let alone the explosion in fertility treatments of the past few decades. You can read a fascinating and detailed story on this subject here.

8. Wisdom Teeth

Many people can have serious complications due to their wisdom teeth—pain, yes, but also overcrowding, decay and gum disease. But not everyone will experience these ailments, and not everyone who has had their wisdom teeth removed needed to do so.

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Paul B.
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Great article! Cellulite and stretch marks are some common skin issue which maximum people have. Some people don't bother about cellulite and stretch marks, but some feel it embarrassing. Although one cannot get rid of cellulite completely, but we can reduce it by massage palper-rouler and other effective methods.

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Wisdom teeth are nothing but trouble. If you have any issues at all, get rid of them.

R Wheeler
R Wheeler3 years ago

Interesting facts ~ most of which are logical and common knowledge but it never hurts to reconfirmed those inherited traits over which we have little control. We should accept our bodies for what they are!

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