8 Post-Holiday Uses For Scotch Tape

With the gift-giving holidays now behind us, you’ll undoubtedly have lots of leftover Scotch tape. Instead of packing your Scotch tape away with your holiday supplies, try keeping it handy for some of the many more unusual and practical uses for it around the house and garden.

1. DIY Lint Roller. Double sided Scotch tape is best. Simply wrap it around an old toilet paper core and presto, you’ve got a cheap lint remover. For single sided scotch tape, double over a short stretch of tape to attach to the toilet paper core then wind the rest sticky-side up.

2. Pick Up Broken Glass. To pick up those tiny bits of broken glass or broken Holiday tree ornaments, wrap some double-sided Scotch tape around a tennis ball and roll up the bits.
3. Create Cat Eye. Scotch tape can help you make a real looking cat eye. Simply cut two small pieces of Scotch tape to make a triangular shape at the outside corner of each eye. Now fill in the space with liner and pull back the tape.

4. Shoelace Repair. An aglet is that small plastic or metal sheath used on each end of a shoelace to keep the fibers of the lace from fraying or unraveling. A little Scotch tape wrapped around each end will keep them from fraying. The same can be done for the ends of drapery pulls.

5. Cat Proof Furniture. You can “educate” your cats to stop scratching your furniture. Simply attach a strip of double-sided Scotch tape to the problem area and they’ll limit their scratching to that scratch post you bought but they never seem to use. Cats hate the sticky feeling on their paws.

6. Cleavage Coverage. Double-sided Scotch tape can help cover cleavage on a dress you love, but is it a little too revealing. Scotch tape will work in a pinch if you don’t have the special double-sided tape designed especially for garments.

7. Keeping Produce Fresh. If you ran out of Saran Wrap, and you want to keep half cut fruits or veggies from turning brown and ripening too fast, cover the cut area with tape and return them to the fridge.

Protect Plants & Flowers. To protect plants from severe cold weather, construct protective paper cones held together by Scotch tape. You can also use this tape (with the help of toothpicks or popsicle sticks) to straighten crimped or bent plant stems. Finally, to keep flowers from bunching so they can breathe, criss-cross the top of a vase with Scotch tape to create an ordered grid opening for the stems.

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