8 Really Easy Ways to Recycle Old Magazines

I have a huge collection of magazines, but I am not a crafty person at all. While cleaning out my cupboards yesterday, I realized I would need to do something more than just let the magazines sit there. So I looked up some ideas. Here are some of the best of what I found. I hope they will help those of you who, like me, love magazines but don’t exactly know what to do with them!

  • Stack ‘em up to make a base for a lamp. If you place a tray on top of the stack, it becomes a coffee table!
  • Tear them up and stick the pages to a dull wall: instant, statement-making wallpaper. Click here to find exciting ways to make your guests literally ‘read the walls.’
  • Glue some magazine photos and letters on to a blank greeting card—your personalized way of saying something sweet and meaningful. Here is a great resource to help you create exciting greeting card projects.
  • Use the magazines as coasters and trivets. I am including it because it is truly easy to do. Here is a quick tutorial.
  • Cut up healthy recipes and well-being tips from old magazines, paste them into a blank notebook, and gift them to a friend. See how beautifully this blogger has organized her collection of magazine clippings, and called them “Pinterest on paper!”
  • Use them as wrapping paper for your gifts.
  • Magazines are filled with words written in creative, fun fonts. Cut them and up and arrange the letters to write the recipient’s name or a greeting when you are sending them an envelope containing a gift. Take a look at this idea.
  • And the easiest of them all: Donate them to a doctor’s office.

Do share some more ideas on how to make the best use of these old favorites!

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Christine Jones
Christine J2 years ago

Good tips, especially using them for wrapping paper; very individual and creative.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit4 years ago

Thank you for article.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit4 years ago

Thank you for article.

Margaret M. F.
Marge F4 years ago

Thank-you for posting this article. As far as donating one's old magazines to a doctors office, it would depend on the office. Were the doctor to be in practice by him/herself or have one other partner the magazines maybe appreciated. However, I have been told when I asked to borrow a copy of a magazine that I could keep it. The reason, when a doctor is in a group with several others, each doctor received a copy of the magazine. Multiply that by several magazines & the office is inundated with more magazines then they need. Other possibilities, Assisted Living Residences, hospital lobbies/waiting areas, Rehab/Convalescent facilities, or Nursing Homes.

aaron b.
aa b4 years ago

thanks for the info

Masahiko E.
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Carole K.
Carole K4 years ago

Thanks for this article. "Pinned" for reference & re-read. "Liked" the links for re-purpose of other items as well.

claire c.
claire c4 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Good ideas!

Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Zarafonetis4 years ago

Thank u.

Joanne A.
Joanne A4 years ago

Thanks for the ideas