8 Ridiculous Home Amenities (Slideshow)


Wine cellars, swimming pools and home movie theaters? Those are so ten years ago! Click through for the latest in the extravagant, over-the-top and, yes, ridiculous home amenities of the mega-rich.

Soda Fountain

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you — this mega-mansion has its very own 50′s-style diner.

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Two-Story Closet

Talk about a walk-in closet — this one takes up an entire wing! Inspired by Coco Chanel, the space comes complete with 18k gold doorknobs, a $30,000 custom-made†chandelier, and, of course, more designer clothes and accessories than your average Bloomingdale’s.

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Underground Shooting Range

Want to practice your shot? Look no further than than the basement of this estate. The property also includes a casino game room and bar, a professional beauty salon, a 20 car showroom with its own gas station and car wash, a golf driving range, and, of course, a trophy room full of all the taxidermied animals your heart desires.

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Exercise Room

When you have your very own workout studio, your yoga teacher comes to you!

Dance Club

Grand estates of yore had ballroom, these days, it’s all about the dance club. The club in this estate has an attached bar and gameroom. There’s also a guardhouse to keep the riff-raff away!

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Teenager’s Dream

With all the amenities in this estate –†an Indoor skateboard half pipe, disco & full bar, a racketball/basketball court, an exercise room, a rock-climbing wall, a bowling alley, a golf simulator and a full-service spa — what teenager would ever leave the house?!

Restaurant-Quality Kitchen

This kitchen includes a walk in†refrigerator, a bakery, heated pass counters and an oven that is often found in the most expensive restaurants in the world.†Estimated price tag? A cool $3 million. Let’s hope they throw a lot of dinner parties!

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Indoor Mall

This estate combines many of the hallmarks of outrageous home amenities into one ‘mall’: a movie theater, a mini-diner, a car museum & full-service auto shop, a billiards room, a bowling alley and even a jewelry store.

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Lady Kaira
None None4 years ago


katarzyna phillips

all it shows is that the rich can get richer [to excess] and the poor become poorer, to the point we have to look at such pictures and be almost forced to utter the sinful words "if only..."

Marilyn J Leger
Marilyn L5 years ago

" ... the rich are different from you and me." (F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Rich Boy")

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Pat C.
Pat C5 years ago

Some people have no taste and too much money, not my problem.

DeWitt J.
DeWitt Henderson5 years ago

I don't know that the restaurant-quality kitchen is ridiculous, but that's my own taste. :^) Most of 'em certainly are. Some people would call me 'communist' for saying this, but not only would I never want any of that, I actually have an aversion to 'luxury' ... probably because much of what are considered luxury items are as ridiculous as most of this slide show.

Briana Delaney
Briana Delaney5 years ago

Maybe that was the point with the teenager...keeping him or her under lock and key...

Barb Mann
Barb Mann6 years ago

Money doesn't buy happiness though! The passion of life lies within!

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V6 years ago

To each their own............... BARF

Katja S.
Katja S6 years ago

Give me a pretty little cottage in the country with a large garden and a view of the ocean and that's all I'll ever want.