8 Steps to Feng Shui Your Bathroom

By Erica Sofrina, author of Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World.

In many traditional Feng Shui books you will read that bathrooms are negative places that should be closed off and ignored. Part of the reason is that bathrooms used to be rather funky places- like out-houses, not anything like the beautiful spa-like bathrooms we enjoy in the west. My belief is that we should feel wonderful about every room in our home and make them inspiring places to be. Negative feelings about any part of it doesn’t serve anyone.

One of the reasons bathrooms have gotten such a bad rap is because chi (energy) is akin to water which flows down and out pipes and drains.  The goal of Feng Shui is to invite into our front door vibrant chi and encourage it to circulate evenly around the home. Drains and openings are areas where the chi can escape — and bathrooms have lots of them.

On the next page, I will give you eight steps to create a wonderful, vibrant and uplifting bathroom that will rejuvenate your soul and support relaxation in the body.

Plug the Drains and Keep the Toilet Lid Closed

To take care of the escaping chi keep the toilet lid closed and make a habit of popping the drains closed when you get out of the tub. You can also find plastic drain covers at any hardware store for showers which will effectively stop that chi from escaping out the drains. Yes I know, when you have children it is easier said than done, but everyone can be trained!

Create Ambiance

Create a Magical Bathroom that you Love Being In!

Ambiance can be created by installing a dimmer switch so you can crank up the light when you are getting ready for the day and dim it when you want to relax and nurture yourself. Have a way to play soothing music (that is of course, powered in a safe manner), and bring in candles, bath salts and herbal soaks to treat yourself to a spa night at least once a week. Then put on your music and just chill! Tell your family this is your spa time and you are not to be disturbed. You will be training them to honor and nurture themselves by example!

Add the Earth Element

Bathrooms have a lot of water, both running water,  and in mirrors, which represent water in the five elements theory. Working with the  five elements is an important component of Feng Shui. In the  controlling cycle, earth is stronger than water and will control it when it is excessive. Bathrooms often have an over abundance of water creating an elemental imbalance.  You can add the earth element to it by adding golds, yellows and taupes to the wall color, or in the color of towels, rugs, pictures and bathroom accessories.  Don’t be afraid to paint small bathrooms darker earth tones. I loved my small terra-cotta bathroom and brought in fluffy white spa-like towels and rugs to bring in a lighter contrasting color. It was my favorite room of my home and I loved my magical spa nights. I would light twinkling white candles all around my bath and luxuriate in the sumptuous space I had created.

Balance all the Five Elements

This Elementally Balanced Bathroom Brings a Vibrant Richness to the Space

We want to balance all of  the five elements in every room in our home, and the bathroom is no exception. To learn more about how to do this, please sees my article on the Five Elements as well as my article on the Power of Color. Since bathrooms are often smaller spaces, you can bring in all five elements by just adding one picture. Here is how to do it; the square picture represents earth, a black frame will represent water, a white mat will represent metal, a plant in the picture will represent wood and something red in it will represent fire. Or you can simply find a picture with the colors black, white, green, yellow and red and you will have all of the elements represented.

Hang a Crystal from the Ceiling

Crystals are considered the Feng Shui aspirin and we use them whenever we have something that could potentially be out of balance in the home. Hanging a Feng Shui crystal about 9′ from the center of the ceiling will keep the chi flowing upwards rather than sucking it down into the drains. See my article on Feng Shui Energy enhancers to see what kinds of crystals we recommend for these ‘cures.’

Keep the Doors Open and Enjoy It!

Create a wonderful inspiring bathroom and keep the doors open to enjoy it. There are only three instances where we would want to keep the doors closed.

1. When there is a bathroom directly across from the front door as we enter the home. The chi coming in from the front door is felt to be of utmost importance. Having a bathroom directly across from it encourages the chi to come in and promptly go down the toilet. This is a door you might want to put on a tension rod and make sure it is closed at all times.

2. If you can see the toilet from the bed, you would always want to close this door at night before going to bed. It is never pleasant to look at toilets.  We always want to have something inspiring as the first thing we see when we wake up and the last thing we see at night, not the toilet. (See my article on Feng Shui for the Bedroom).

3. If there is a bathroom near the Kitchen this door should also be closed at all times.

Clear Clutter and Organize

I addressed this in my last article about Feng Shui for Small Spaces which I will refer you to here. Once this is done, only have on counters things you love to look at. Add a live or silk orchid, great smelling soaps, an attractive soap dish and decorative Kleenex cover with an attractive toothbrush holder.You do not have to spend a lot of money to create your spa-like bathroom. Second hand stores and/or places like Ross, Marshalls and Home Goods in the U.S.  will have lovely objects for very little money. If you don’t have places to store objects you use every day, put them in baskets and edit them down to just what you use and need on a regular basis.

Freshen It Up!

Bring in Plush New Towels and a Soft New Bath Mat

So often I see rag-like un-matching towels strewn everywhere in my clients bathrooms. Find a sale and freshen up your towel collection and buy a plush and cushy matching rug. Then use the old ones as rags, don’t drag them back in to mess up your new fresh look! It will make all the difference in the aesthetics of the room and your over-all enjoyment of this important space.

This attention to your daily comfort creates an environmental affirmation that says you are worthy of enjoying comfort and beauty in your physical surroundings and you will start to draw that same like-energy to you.

This is a room that we all spend a lot of time in, make it a place that nurtures and and inspires  and see how it boosts your mood just by spending time there!

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Wonderful suggestions. I have tried several things over the years and a couple on here with some success! But it was short lived as my kitties seems to think of both washrooms as their playrooms---so obviously the fur balls are believers! Thanks

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