8 Ways to Order Wisely at an Italian Restaurant

All the world loves a hearty Italian meal. But it is only too easy to gorge on creamy pasta and overdose on cheese-laden pizza. Here are some smart ways to get all the flavor without the fat:

  • Donít stuff yourself on the bread or bread sticks. †Munch on bruschetta insteadóthe fresh tomatoes on it are loaded with vitamins and minerals, the extra virgin olive oil and basil are wonderful antioxidants, the calorie count is low.
  • Donít skip the insalata. Italian salads can be incredibly flavorful,† provided you are careful to avoid fattening dressings.
  • Enjoy Minestrone soupóit is very satisfying and abounds in health-giving veggies and beans.
  • Balsamic roasted or grilled vegetables are not only delicious but light and nutritious. †In fact, most dishes cooked in olive oil instead of butter are beneficial for you.
  • Choose a light and nourishing tomato-based sauce over alfredo, which combines butter, cheese and cream. Marinara is fresh and delicious, too.
  • Keep the pasta light. Nothing quite beats the flavor of pasta tossed in olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs. Low in calories and full of nutrients.
  • Have cheese on your pizza, but ask them to use less of it or reduced-fat variety. If that isnít an option, simply share with a friend.
  • A gelato or sorbet is perfect for the sweet touch you crave.



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