9 Bizarre Ways to Die

By Cassandra Evanas, DivineCaroline

As Grandpa Simpson of The Simpsons will tell you, “Death stalks you at every turn!” And it’s not just through heart disease, cancer, and those other oft-quoted causes. Did you know you could also die by wearing the wrong bra in a lightning storm? Read on for tragic, bizarre, and downright stupid fatal tales.

1. When Good Bras Go Bad
I knew to steer clear of big sheets of metal and barbed-wire fences during a lightning storm, but I didn’t know to avoid my bra, too! It seems odd that one of your instincts should be to unhook and let the girls roam free when lightning strikes, but that’s exactly what two women who died in London should have done. According to the New York Times, they were struck and killed by lightning because of their underwire bras.

2. Like Something out of a Short Story
Some of the most extraordinary American writers, such as Steinbeck and Fitzgerald, fell victim to wholly ordinary deaths. Not to be outdone, Sherwood Anderson died in a blaze of glory. Well, not really, but he did die in a totally bizarre way. He swallowed a toothpick—like so many of us have almost done at some point in our lives—and died of peritonitis, an inflammation in the abdominal cavity that provides a long and painful death. Just as Mr. Anderson left a permanent mark on the American short story genre, that darn toothpick left a permanent mark on his body. And you thought splinters in your mouth were bad.

3. Fashion to Die For
Dying as a result of a broken neck is nothing too shocking—unless it’s at the hands of an unruly scarf. Isadora Duncan, an American dancer who fancied long, flowing scarves, met her demise after her scarf—which was wrapped around her neck—got caught in the axles on the wheels of the car she was in. The wheel pulled both she and her scarf out of the car and onto the pavement, where she died. The scarf was later brought in for questioning, but remained uncooperative.

4. Playing Through
Dealing with rat pee is more than just a gross nusiance—it can be downright deadly. A Dublin man named David Bailey died in 1997 after a rat peed on his leg during a golf game. Two weeks after the incident, his kidneys shut down and he died. As if I needed another reason to be scared of rats.

5. Sweet but Deadly
Have you heard urban legends about strippers suffocating in their huge cakes? According to the book Strange Deaths: More Than 375 Freakish Fatalities, it actually happened. In 1995, a stripper was discovered dead inside a cake that was meant for a bachelor party. I guess the guests figured out something was wrong after they wheeled the fake dessert out and nothing happened. The book states that she was inside the cake for an hour waiting for her big debut.

6. The Comedy of Tragedy
The next time I complain about a headache, I’m going to think it could always be worse. After all, an eagle could mistake my head for a rock and use it to crack open its dinner. Legend has it that Aeschylus died because an eagle mistook the top of his head for a rock and dropped a tortoise on his bald noggin—a fairly undramatic way for a Greek playwright to die

7. One of the Worst (and Stinkiest) Ways to Die
Standing near sewer openings is bad enough, particularly on warm days. Imagine what it would be like to spend your last minutes on earth stuck in one? Such was the unfortunate demise of a guy in Wisconsin who tried to retrieve his cell phone out of a storm sewer and got stuck underwater. And, even though this type of death is certainly bizarre, it’s not exactly uncommon. A man in Ontario died in the same way when he tried to fish his wallet out of the sewer, slipped and got stuck in the opening, and drowned.

8. So Fresh and Clean
There’s nothing wrong with keeping up with your personal hygiene, but some people take it way too far, like Jonathan Capewell, a sixteen-year-old from England who was obsessed with smelling good. He doused himself with spray-on deodorant at least twice a day and kept multiple cans in his room. It is believed that his body absorbed too much gas as a result of his copious spraying, which then led to heart failure.

9. Ride into the Danger Zone
I have a friend who refuses to ride roller coasters because she is convinced it will break and she’ll plummet from the sky. This man’s unfortunate death goes to show you that you’re not much safer on the ground sometimes. His wife was riding Top Gun, one of the main attractions at Great America, when her hat flew off. Being a good husband, he attempted to retrieve his hat and was rewarded with a swift, accidental kick in the head by one of the Top Gun riders. According to the story, he didn’t know English and therefore couldn’t read the signs warning him about the dangerous area. The woman broke her leg; the man died.

So, what do we come away with after reading about such strange deaths? For one, we learn that death is unavoidable. Your end could come because of old age or by the sharp end of a toothpick, so live life to its fullest and don’t worry so much.

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Thank you :)

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Kate Raymond
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I knew someone who managed to stick the pointy toe of his cowboy boot into the spokes of the front wheel of his chopper while doing about 80mph. He didn't die, but his lower leg had to be amputated & I think he broke his wrist & was hospitalised for a long time. A few years later he escaped relatively unscathed when he drove his car into a tree after dropping a lit cigarette down the front of his shirt. As far as I know he's still driving around out there somewhere...

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

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Knowing about Isadora Duncan's scarf, I intentionally crocheted a 15 footer. Believe it or not, I accidentally left it, probably at an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. So, I crocheted one I couldn't accidentally leave behind - a 20 footer.

Nimue Pendragon

LMAO! Thanks for the laughs! :)

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Oh My Goddess that was funny!!

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*makes mental note to never ever agree to jump out of a cake*

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brassiere ways to die?
I hope I don't win a Darwin Award when I shove off....but then I will never know....or maybe that is what is meant when they say " he went to his reward" when people die?
I wonder if there has ever been a death while clicking on slideshows? Spontaineous Care2 combustion?

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Pay attention to even the unrelated things in life