9 Feng Shui Tips for Work

By Erica Sofrina, Author of Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that if you love working in your office, you will spend more quality time there. And, if work feels like play, you will be more creative and prosperity will naturally flow.

In Feng Shui, the “Career” area is about doing our life work. It is not about work as drudgery. It is about doing vibrant work that flows from our deepest core.Feng Shui offers some simple, practical, and inexpensive solutions that will support you in arranging a work space that inspires creativity, productivity, and prosperity.

As a Life Coach as well as a Feng Shui Consultant, I work with many people who want to make a difference in the world. Whether they provide coaching services, sell health-related products, or are a holistic health practitioner, their vision encompasses enhancing the health and happiness of others and the planet. This is why arranging an office that encourages you to spend time there is directly connected to your vision.

Make sure your office reflects your passion, incorporating objects, words and symbols representing that represent them and eliminating anything that does not.

This is not the place for lots of family photos, objects from other hobbies or past rewards not related to your current work.This is your palette for creating the work that is uniquely you. Treat it as your sacred space.

A happy, light-filled office space!

1. Clear the clutter: Often home offices are a dumping ground of all of those bits of things you can’t find a place for. Be diligent and don’t allow anything in the space that does not support your vision, uplift your spirit, or is necessary and functional to your current work. If you work at a company, the shape of your office is broadcasting a message about your competency. Make sure it is sending the message you want!

2. Get organized: If you are spending half your time looking for things, you are losing precious time. If you are not good at this, hire an professional organizer to do the initial set-up – budget permitting. If you can’t pay for it, offer a trade of services to a friend, colleague or family member who has good organizing skills.

3 Arrange your desk so that it is in the empowered position: This is where you can see the door from the desk but are not in direct alignment with the door. This will make a huge difference in your ability to feel in control of your destiny. If you can’t move your desk, get a mirror and place it so that you can see who is coming in the door. These look like rear-view mirrors and stick right to your monitor and can be found at auto parts stores.

4. Create an ergonomically comfortable work station: Your body must feel comfortable working there. Make sure your desk is the appropriate height, have a comfortable chair, and arrange to have copy machines and other chemical-emitting machines away from your work station. If your body hurts, or you are smelling fumes, you are not only harming yourself, but it will create another aversion to spending time there.

5. Balance open spaces with filled spaces: This is called balancing the Yin and Yang. You need places for the eye to be engaged as well as for it to rest. Organize all of the bits of office things such as staplers, tape, etc. into colorful baskets. The eye will see one object rather than many, creating a sense of organization, and peacefulness.

6. Make it a bright and happy space: This should be an active space. You don’t want it to be so calming that you want to take a nap. Bring in vibrant colors as well as art and objects that make your heart sing. Replace fluorescent lighting when ever you can. Bring your own floor and/or desk lamp to work, if possible. It will make a huge difference in your energy level at the end of the day.

Use baskets to organize all of those "bits of things"

7. Organize those snake-like computer cords so that you are not looking at a jumble of chaos. Radio Shack has cord organizers which allow you to group them into long, wide tubes. Or roll them up, put a twist-tie on them and drop them all into an attractive basket.

8. Make it inspiring: Bring in nature and collections that you love. This is called balancing the Five Elements. Use book shelves to display a beautiful vase, work of art, a shell, or a few objects from favorite collections, and intersperse them with your work books. (Use plants, water fountains, and nature art; See Feng Shui Chi Enhancers.) Make it beautiful and inspiring but don’t over do the collections.

9. For Feng Shui believers, arrange objects according to the Bagua Map. (Click here for your Free Bagua Map.) The Bagua Map locates the key energetic centers of a home or room. We then bring in environmental affirmations to enhance these areas. When we strategically place objects that represent what we want to bring into our lives, we set the intention for the chi or energy to flow in that direction.

We can use a “mini-Bagua” in our office by orienting the “entrance quadrant” from the direction we enter the room. Divide the room into nine equal sections and put your affirmations (objects, words, artifacts, vision boards) representing what it is you want to bring into each of these areas of your work life into these quadrants.

An example of how to use Bagua enhancements in the office:

  • Use a purple amethyst or favorite crystal in the Wealth area.
  • A water fountain, something made of glass, or a picture of flowing water in the Career area.
  • Books pertaining to your work in the Knowledge area.
  • A lamp, an award, or a framed article about you or your company in the Fame area.
  • Pages of the book you are writing or projects you are working on in the Creativity area.
  • A green plant in the Health area.
  • A picture of the people you want to partner with in your Partnership area. Note: when using the Bagua for business, substitute the word Partnerships for the Love and Marriage area.
  • Pictures or objects that represent helpful people in the Helpful People area. This area is also for travel, so don’t forget all of the exotic places you want to travel to where you will be sharing your gifts with the world!
  • Desk in the Center area, representing a grounded and balanced work life. If this is not possible, just make sure the center is open and clutter-free.

Make it up, make it fun, make it personal to what you want to bring into your career, and enjoy the productivity that will come from being in an inspiring, organized, and clutter-free space!

For my longer article expanding on these principles see: Feng Shui for the Office

For your free Color Bagua Map click here.


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