9 Gifts for the Dog Lovers in Your Life

Dogs are easy to shop for. Toys, treats, a comfy bed ó and theyíre happy. But what about dog lovers? If youíre searching for the perfect gift for a dog lover, check out these nine options.

1. Personalized dog gear

As a dog parent, you might eye those collars, leashes, toys, beds, etc. that you can personalize with your dogís name. But you just canít justify the cost when you already have perfectly fine gear at home. Thatís where gifting comes in. Treat the dog lover in your life with personalized canine gear. This company, PrideBites, even puts your pupís image on its products. Dog lovers already swoon over their furry friends, so theyíre bound to love something personalized just for their animal.

2. A paw print keepsake

French bulldog holding up its paw

For the crafty dog lover, consider a clay paw print impression kit, so they can create a cherished keepsake. The kits ó such as this one that forms an ornament ó typically include nontoxic clay, which you roll out and press your dogís paw into. Then, you either bake or air-dry the clay, depending on the product. And you can paint your creation to truly customize it. Plus, if you donít want to gift a ready-made kit, you can easily create your own for a more personal touch.

3. Custom canine art

Your dog-loving friend probably thinks their animal is the most adorable pooch ever to walk the Earth. So why not spoil them with custom artwork of their fur kid? There are many business options out there that can turn a dogís photo into a lifelike piece of art. And though you arenít the one who created it, handmade gifts like this are always appreciated.

4. A doggie DNA test

If the dog lover in your life happens to have a mixed-breed pup, consider gifting them a canine DNA test kit. Itís a fun way for them to learn a little more about their animal, and it might actually be a gift in disguise for the dog, too. ďOnce predominant breeds are established, owners can take their results to their veterinarian to discuss potential health issues associated with specific breeds,Ē according to WebMD. For instance, you might find out your dogís dominant breed is prone to arthritis, so you can take steps to protect its joints. Regardless, the kit makes a fun gift and conversation piece for dog lovers.

5. Dog-fur yarn

Samoyed puppies in a basket

If you share your home with a dog, odds are youíve uttered something along the lines of: ďI could make a sweater with all the fur you lose!Ē Well, you actually can. There are companies that will spin your dogís fur into yarn, which you then can turn into any sort of knitted garment. According to the American Kennel Club, dog-fur yarn ó or chiengora ó is soft like angora wool and even warmer than sheepís wool. (And donít worry ó you wonít smell like a dog once itís cleaned and spun.) You need about a grocery bag of fur to create small items, such as mittens. So as a gift, you can do the legwork (i.e., brushing) and gather that fur if youíre able. But if you canít, you still can offer to fund the process for a truly original present.

6. Personalized apparel

If wearable dog fur isnít quite what youíre looking for, how about a custom item with the image of your gift recipientís animal? Just like with the custom artwork, there are many businesses that specialize in turning a petís image into apparel for humans. For instance, this company will put your dogís face onto a vibrant pair of socks, so you can always feel like youíre taking your dog for a walk. And this business features a necklace to which you can add charms stamped with your dogís name ó perfect for people with multiple animals. Thereís definitely something out there for any dog loverís taste.

7. A subscription box

Another product many dog parents eye but havenít tried is a monthly subscription box of dog gear. For you, itís an easy gift option thatís sure to please the recipient ó and more importantly, their dog. Yes, this is really a gift for the canine companion, but a true dog lover will find joy in it, as well. And many of the subscription companies have gift options that essentially are just trials of the service. For instance, BarkBox allows you to give a subscription for one, three, six or 12 months. For the gift recipient, itís a great way to try a service thatís probably already piqued their interest.

8. Dog-themed bakeware

Homemade dog bones packaged into bags and a jar

For the dog lovers who love to cook, consider gifting them some dog-themed bakeware. There are many kitchen items with paws prints and funny sayings about dogs. (And odds are the dog lover youíre shopping for has some of them.) Check out these silicone baking molds with both paws and bones. Theyíre fine for making human food. But theyíre even better if you bake homemade dog treats for your pup. Plus, you can use them to mold frozen treats, as well.

9. A donation in their honor

Regardless of whether the dog lover in your life has a pup of their own, they still clearly care about dogs. Honor their passion by donating in their name to an organization that helps dogs. Try to learn whether your gift recipient has a favorite animal charity, as many dog lovers do. Or do your research, and choose a worthy cause. Some groups even allow you to sponsor a specific dog, which can add some fun to your gift. Or you can gift a membership to an animal organization, which usually comes with several perks for the recipient. No matter what, youíre showing your dog lover friend that you love dogs, too.

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I bought my pom pom a cooling pad to lay on when she's hot.

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I found a good cat gift at Target. We have an older cat who doesn't play that much anymore, but she was delighted with this simple gift -- a paper bag she could walk into that smells like catnip.

Pearl W
Pearl W3 months ago

Hi All - Some very good ideas - Thanks - I have a ban on dogs visiting my little unit at the moment - They're welcome to come visit and we can sit outside and play with their dog, have a chat over coffee, etc but not inside - The last 3 dog visitors left me a present! - There's no way for the pooch to get outside and I guess we got caught up in conversation so didn't give the dogs enough attention - It is lovely sitting in the garden and it solves my problem of unwanted gifts - smiles

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