9 Handmade Father’s Day Gifts To Buy or DIY

Men are notoriously hard to shop for.†It may be a cliche, but cliches often get to be that way because they’re true – not just because they’re repeated constantly. But because buying for dudes is tougher, it makes the reward of finding something truly awesome even more special. And when it comes to buying for your pops, you can pretty much rest assured that any small token is going to find its way into his heart.

This year, let’s retire the tie and the coffee cup and check out some handmade items you can purchase from indie shops on Etsy or attempt to recreate on your own via how-tos from the web.

Got a dad who strums the guitar? This personalized 23×29 pick is sterling silver, hand stamped and super thoughtful.†You can personalize it with a name, lyrics or motivational words of your choice and it comes packaged in a cute box with ribbon. Order one for your dad from Jessie McCann or learn how to stamp yourself!

These personalized photo blocks made from recycled wood work in two fun ways – you get to pick the images that appear on the wooden blocks and you get to pick what they spell out! Maybe you call your father Dad, maybe Daddy or Papa. Or maybe you’d rather just have a set sporting his name. Order yours from Waste Not Recycled Art or learn how to photo transfer photos to wood yourself.

Does your dad have a beard that he’s pretty proud of? This rosemary-rich wash promotes the growth of thick and shiny beards with its plant-based formula.†Wild Man Beard Wash comes in a 4 oz. amber BPA-free plastic bottle with pop-up disc top. Buy from Wild Rose Herbs or learn how to turn your favorite bar soap into liquid soap (simply!).

This art print, designed by shop Somebody Else’s Project, commemorates special moments in your dad’s life. They could be birthdays of children or spouses, wedding anniversary, engagement date, when you met, etc. The words can be names, places or just simple sayings like “I love you.” If ordering from the shop, you can choose all your own colors and word choices. However, this is an easy gift to make! Play around in Illustrator (or similar design software) to make and print your own art print for dad.

Does your papa ferment his own beer? First of all, awesome, if so. Secondly, wouldn’t he love a customized label featuring his home state? Coast 2 Coast Design came up with these awesome customizable labels, which come in a packet of 24 and your choice of colors pictured here. The image is then printed on†high quality, water-resistant, adhesive paper and shipped to you! Want to learn how to print your own labels in Word? Go here!

For the dad who has everything, how about a coupon book? If you’re feeling crafty, create your own book with cut up construction paper, stickers, colorful pens and whatever else you can find in your arsenal. If you’re more into coming up with great coupon ideas and less into designing a booklet, order a pre-made one from Lexiphilia.

Maybe your dad doesn’t have a beard, but he stills enjoys bathing with some high quality soap. This 3 bar gift set is handmade, vegan and 100% cold process soap. Made with clays, butters and scented with high quality essential oils, the bars are wrapped in Kraft paper and natural hemp twine and tied with a bow for delivery. Order yours from Herbivore Botanicals or learn about making your own bar of soap for dad.

These handmade cufflinks are made from vintage maps in sterling silver. DLK Designs owner Dana tells us that “many choose to have each cufflink represent a special memory that is dear to each of you, such as one cufflink displaying your honeymoon location & one displaying your wedding location.”†You can request each special location for special order and can also have them custom engraved. Interested in making your own cufflinks for dad? Check out this simple how-to.

Is your dad a hot food fanatic? If so, he may just be into this hot sauce sample pack from HB Hot Sauce. This set includes 1 oz. of each of the shop’s five hot sauces, plus an info card and special Father’s Day greeting. Details about the sauces and ingredients here. Or, learn to make your own hot sauce for dad.


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Show your care everyday

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Nice ideas. Check MISI's Gift Guide too http://misi.co.uk/gift/3/1/fathers_day.html :)

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cute ideas.. a couple really good ones for my dad

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The greastest gift I can give my Dad is to spend the day with him!

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