9 Myths About Soul Mate Relationships

By†Kelly Wallace, DivineCaroline

Myth 1: Soul mate relationships should be easy.

Relationships are not always easy. Why is it that we can spend so much time at work each and every day to bring home a paycheck yet we barely give our relationship a second thought? We expect it to run smoothly on its own without any maintenance, without any glitches, and without any problems. How silly is that?

All relationships take time, energy, work, commitment, and determination. If you want a wonderful soul mate relationship then you may need to make some sacrifices in other areas. Perhaps youíll have to work less overtime, spend more time with your partner, work on communication, plan more things together, and compromise.

Think of a relationship like a garden. By following the suggestions in this book youíll plant the seeds. Working on yourself and your soul mate-attracting skills is the soil. Once you find your true love you begin watering this garden and are careful to pull up any weeds that sprout. But over time what happens? You get used to being in the relationship and you stop watering it and neglect the weeds. What do you think will happen then? The garden will die. Instead, if you carefully tend to your ďlove gardenĒ youíll be rewarded with a relationship that blossoms and grows bigger over time.

Myth 2: Soul mates donít have conflict.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Any relationship without conflict is a relationship between two dead people. Youíre human, heís human, and you have different personalities, stress factors, and everything else tossed into the mix. How could you not have conflict sometimes? The key is how well you handle this.

Iíve had couples come to me who are certain theyíre soul mates and the beginning of their relationship was filled with joy, peace, passion and not a single argument. Then one day something shifts and someone gets ticked off or hurt and conflict makes its first appearance. That doesnít mean things are doomed, it means youíre normal.

Conflict can be healthy because it forces a couple to look at their differences and understand each otherís perspective. It makes you look inside yourself, to acknowledge and examine your own core values and beliefs, and learn to appreciate that your partner has his own. Consider this a valuable opportunity to communicate and grow stronger as a couple.

Myth 3: Soul mates are always romantic.
Real life is seldom like romantic movies or novels. While itís true that in the beginning of relationships our hormones are in frenzy so the passion and romance is usually high, those chemicals soon wane and weíre left with true love . . . or true disappointment.

Also, we shouldnít compare real life romance with what we see on the screen or read in magazines or books. When you think about it, what is romance, really? Candy and jewelry and flowers? Those are just materialistic things. Each person expresses romance in different ways. Using my relationship as an example, Mike isnít the most romantic guy if you go by what Cosmo or novels label as real romance. Instead of feeling hurt or irked about his nonromantic ways, I pay attention to other things he does. He always opens doors for me, compliments me, pays for vacations, wonít let me help bring in the groceries if itís raining, cooks dinner a few nights week, does dishes and laundry, sends an ďI miss youĒ greeting card if heís out of town, etc. Not once have I ever gotten flowers or jewelry, thatís not his romance style, but Iíve grown to love his style and find it incredibly romantic.

The lesson here is to not force a man to comply with your idea of romance. You can meet in the middle and also pay attention to his personal romance style. This one tip alone could mean the difference between falling (or staying) in love or constantly being disappointed.

Myth 4: Soul mates should think alike.
No matter how much we want to believe otherwise at times, we donít share the same brain. Sure, soul mate relationships can be much easier, deeper, and more meaningful than non- soul mate relationships, but you wonít always think alike.

A lot of women and men believe that if youíre truly soul mates then youíre ďoneĒ and youíll think and feel alike and want and need the same things. The truth is, youíre two different souls in two different bodies with two different brains. Rejoice in the fact that you arenít identical in every way. This gives you both chances to explore new things since youíll be able to share your own likes and dislikes with one another. It can open up the door to conversations, trying new things out, and being happy with the fact that heís him and youíre you.

Myth 5: †Soul mates should be able to always speak their mind.
I had a client several years ago who was completely confused as to why his wife, whom he believed was his soul mate, would get upset over the fact that he was so blunt and to the point. He felt that if two people are truly soul mates then the relationship needed to be ďas honest as possible.Ē

While itís good to be honest, you still need to take the other personís feelings into consideration. Your partner doesnít have to hear everything youíre thinking, such as how awful his plaid shorts are or the fact that heís losing more hair and gaining more gut. Always treat your soul mate, as you want to be treated, and view the relationship through the eyes of love. If you feel you absolutely must say something ask yourself, ďIs this for the highest good of our relationship? Am I doing it with love?Ē

If youíre simply stressed out or frustrated about something else, find ways to let off steam and relax such as power yoga or a long walk, rather than focusing on smaller things. Then again, if you find that your partner just bugs you day and night, you might want to ask yourself where all of the anger and resentment is coming from and work on those issues rather than covering them up with petty things.

Myth 6: In a soul mate relationship all issues will be resolved.
Studies have shown that more than 80 percent of all relationship issues are never resolved. As I talked about earlier, youíre two different people and you arenít always going to agree. Thatís okay! As long as it isnít an issue thatís detrimental to the relationship or your mutual happiness or health then many times itís best to just agree to disagree. This is so much better than wasting all that time and energy trying to change each other.

Myth 7: Sex in a soul mate relationship is amazing, or doesnít really matter.
Over the years Iíve heard both sides of this thinking. Some people believe that if youíre with a soul mate then the sex will be absolutely mind blowing. Then there are others who think that if youíre with a soul mate itís something so ethereal that sex doesnít even need to enter the equation. I knew a couple who would meditate for hours at a time just to quell their hormones since they felt it would ruin their soul mate union. I felt so bad for them since they were wasting time and didnít really understand the whole soul mate thing.

Sex is not only a human urge, but a spiritual one as well. I believe when we leave this Earth and go to the other side we can still have sex in spirit form. Connecting with one another on a sexual level helps us to connect on a spiritual level as well.

When youíve got a full time job, a house to take care of, kids to tend to, and the many other chores that come with life on Earth, sex is so often put on the backburner. Itís one of the best ways to bond with your partner and release those pent-up stress hormones. Put sex at the top of your list rather than at the bottom.

On the other hand, there are those who think that if youíre with a soul mate then youíll always be in the mood for sex and multiple orgasms will be a common occurrence. Talk about pressure! The best thing is to find someone whoís sexually compatible with you. A soul mate union only deepens the sexual bond between two people.

Myth 8: If my partner would only change I know weíd be soul mates.
This is a huge misconception, though one thatís all too common. You feel youíd have a great relationship if only heíd change. Or, youíll make some changes once you see him making an effort first. This stubbornness will only keep you stuck and unable to improve your relationship.

Instead of focusing on all of your partnerís flaws, turn your thinking around and see what changes you can make. How can you be your best? Not just in the relationship, but in your life. You canít expect the best if you arenít giving your best. Ask yourself who you want to be, how you want to be, and how you want your partner to see you. Then ask yourself if youíre living your life according to your vision. If not, start today. In time youíll probably see that your partner starts changing as well. If not, then you have to ask yourself if youíre really soul mates or if you should find someone whoís better suited for you.

Myth 9: If Iím with my soul mate heíll love me no matter what.
This is not only a flawed way of thinking but a sad one as well. Itís giving yourself permission to be as irresponsible, or bitchy, or cold as you want and he should love you anyway. Or, you can just stop taking care of yourself and still expect him to be attracted to you. We arenít always at our best and over time we get older and maybe put on a few pounds, but thatís different than just giving up and not caring.

A client of mine gained 200 pounds after she lost her job. As you can imagine, losing her job set in motion a whole list of things that led up to her huge weight gain. Instead of being proactive and seeking another job or going back to school to get a better job, she allowed her unemployment to wreak havoc on her self-esteem. She got depressed, stayed home all the time, and used food to make herself feel better. When she stopped caring about herself it was hard for her husband to keep being her cheerleader and he soon stopped caring too.

Soul mate unions work on mutual energy. What we give out we receive. We canít expect our soul mate to love us ďno matter what.Ē

Exercise: What myths are you following?

Analyze it:
As you looked over these soul mate relationship myths, did you find that you used to believe in some of them? The fact is, there are few of us who donít. But now that youíve been given the truth, it will be easier to focus on yourself and how you can create what you want in your own life so that you wonít need to use myths as a crutch or an excuse as to why a relationship isnít working.

Write it:
Make a list of at least three love myths you used to believe in then beside that myth write the truth. You could put something like†Myth: A soul mate will make me happy.†Fact: Iím responsible for my own happiness.

Once you have three love myths written down, create a plan of action so that you can fulfill yourself and also be a better partner when youíre reunited with your soul mate.

Do it:
Words without action are merely words. Make a promise to yourself that you will begin following your plan of action. The Universe canít move if you arenít moving, and it can only move in the direction youíre going in. Choose to move forward with confidence and optimism and youíll see how the Universe creates positive changes in your life.

ďI release all love myths and embrace the truth.Ē
ďEach day I choose to move forward with optimism so that my guides and the Universe can assist me.Ē

This was an excerpt from Kelly Wallaceís book†Together Forever: How To Find and Keep Your Soul Mate


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Mia B
Mia B3 months ago

Thank you

Keran J
Keran Jabout a year ago

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Myla Dively
Myla D3 years ago

I believe fully in soul mates!
I saw mine 32yrs ago & then married him 16yrs ago. We have fought like cats & dogs but we never let anyone outside our relationship influence our very special bond.

I also believe in more than 1 soul mate...
I have friends that r my soul mate in a platonic fashion. I know & trust them w my deepest of sorrows & happiest happys! And visa-versa!

Trust is a mighty word. Not all of us r capable of trusting anyone let a lone a lover.
B it from childhood or adulthood.

Trust ='s love

I hope everyone looking for their soul mate finds them. Who knows u might of already met.....

Chemistry is the start...

Laurie Mazzeo
Laurie Mazzeo3 years ago

Soul mates ?? a modern cliche and an Ideal we would all love to be... and be with!
but the reality is that this is yet another unachievable and unrealistic aspiration for the majority of us ...mores the pity!!

Laurie Mazzeo
Laurie Mazzeo3 years ago

Soul mates ?? a modern cliche and an Ideal we would all love to be... and be with!
but the reality is that this is yet another unachievable and unrealistic aspiration for the majority of us ...mores the pity!!

Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago


Julia Oleynik
Julia Oleynik4 years ago

Thank you for Sharing:)

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Rose Roma
R. R4 years ago

Begin with agreement about spiritual, political &/or ethical values. Add experiences together. If chemistry comes or is happening, that is great, too. We are ALL soulmates. We are ALL interconnected. However, besides working on your own self, it helps to partner with similar in order to save your energy & self-nurture. Creativity can occur with both closely OR widely similar partners. Respect and kindness, intelligence and tolerance go a long way towards wrapping souls more closely. It takes 110% on each person's caring concern part to have a HAPPY soul mate experience. But we are ALL split from one huge beautiful soul and carry stardust in our DNA. You must have soul to recognise soul. Mate? Quickest answer comes through shared diversity OR a cross country car trip.