9 Things You Should Never Do

I have always found occasional introspection to be a good life tool. When you stop to think about the things you do, it helps you self-correct. Some things in life are very important to do (like wash your hands, eat vegetables and smile) and others are important to avoid. Here is my list of the “don’ts.” Please add your thoughts in the comment field.

You should never…

  • Snoop through other peoplesí letters, emails and other personal communication.
  • Throw leftovers in the trash. Try to buy and cook only as much as you can use. †If it is left over, try to give it away.
  • Go back on a promise to children. They trust easily and completelyódonít break their heart.
  • Ridicule people who cannot help their condition or situation.
  • Carry a bitter grudge. Life is too short. Why bottle up negativity? Let it out or let it go. Smile.
  • Neglect two basic needs of your body: timely meals and timely sleep.
  • Ignore a niggling symptom. A persistent cough, pain or an unusual lump, even if small, needs your attention… Now.
  • Write an angry email or letter. Words really are arrows that cannot be unpierced.
  • Waste resources simply because they donít belong to you. Using too much water in hotel bathrooms, for instance. Or leaving the lights on in another personís house. Simple things, really, that reflect whether you care, or donít, about people and the planet you live on.

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Dimitris Dallis
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Thank you for sharing.

Lamees J.
Lamees J4 years ago

Thank you Shubhra, I am really enjoying your articles!

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Thanx for the reminder's and for sharing

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Thanks for this reminder about each little wisdom!

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Thank you for sharing.

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Can't wait for the list of "Always..."

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great tips...i wish more people would read and heed...

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My gf can take hint here

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I try to live by that everyday :)