9 Unexpected Uses For Old Or Lonely Socks

Socksare only useful in pairs, but they have this uncanny knack for being separated from their mates.

Whether they were “lost in the wash” or one simply wore out before the other, it’s often puzzling to know what to do with lonely socks.

Useless as they might seem, there are actually a number of practical reasons to keep these single socks in your life.

Inspired by Instructables user, I’ve put together a highlight reel of some of the most unexpected ways you can putold socks to work around the house.

1. Blind/Windowsill Duster

old sock 1

Simply insert your hand into the old sock, then slide between the slats of your blinds to remove dusty build up!

2. Drink Koozie

old sock 2

Why spend money on drink koozies when you can easily slip an old sock over the can and get the same insulating effect? Knee-high socks work great as water bottle koozies!

3. Draft Stopper

old sock 3

Stuff your sock with rice, fabric stuffing, popcorn kernels or some combination of these to form a dense insulating tube that prevents cold air from seeping in through drafty doors and windows.

4. Vacuum Attachment

old sock 4

“It can be quite a pain to pick up tiny items when you spill them all over the floor. Instead, stick a sock on the end of a vacuum hose and use a rubber binder to hold it in place. Now you can vacuum the small pieces without losing them inside your vacuum,” explains Bulnick. “Pull the sock tight for best results. Otherwise the sock is going to get sucked into the vacuum hose.”

5. Ice Pack Cover

old sock 5

Most ice packs shouldn’t be placed directly against the skin. Slip the ice pack into an old sock for a comfortable fabric barrier that still allows cold to reach your skin.

6. Shoe Freshener

old sock 6

Baking soda is a cheap home remedy for smelly shoes, but it makes a mess if you sprinkle it directly inside. Pour baking soda into your old sock instead, then nestle the entire “sachet” inside the shoe for best results.

7. Keyboard Wrist Rest

old sock 7

Do your wrists get tired while working on a computer all day? Cut your old sock into tube shape and fill with rice for an instant wrist rest. These can cost upwards of $20 online!

8. Glasses Case

old sock 8

Prevent your glasses from getting scratched up by storing them in a soft case made from an old sock.

9. Faucet Insulator

old sock 9

“Tie a sock on an outdoor spigot usingtwineto help insulate it in the winter. Use multiple socks on top of each other for extra insulation,” explains Penolopy Bulnick.

Want to see dozens more uses for old socks? Check out the full post on Instructables!

Photo Credit: Penolopy Bulnick


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I'm impressed w this article, these helpful hints seem to be a good idea. I would think the faucet might need two or three socks w duct tape to prevent freezing. One sock might not do the trick on a really cold night.

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I fill lavender in, Close them with a knot and put them in the warderobe

Adele E Zimmermann

I have always thought that socks would make good "snugglies" for animals orphaned at a very early age. With some snips of a scissors and, maybe, a little overcast stitching to prevent unraveling, they would be comforting and possibly lifesaving for newborns lacking a mother's warmth. Never needed to try it, though.

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