9 Unforgettable Toilets

By Linda Merrill, Networx

You’ve heard the expression “toilet humor“? How about “humorous toilets”? Interestingly enough, today (November 19) is World Toilet Day. So in celebration of the often under-appreciated fixture, check out these crazy commodes that go way beyond simple porcelain:

Photo: The Lone Drainer Blog

The George Bush toilet, designed by Clark Sorenson, will be funny to roughly half the voters in the US, but the half who do enjoy the joke will certainly chuckle at this toilet that puts the ex-leader-of-the-free-world in such an awkward position.

Photo: Clarkmade.com
Photo: Clarkmade.com

Clark Sorenson, maker of the irreverent George Bush toilet, ironically also specializes in whimsical, sculptural urinals that are truly too pretty to use. It’s hard to imagine these fixtures gracing the average men’s room, but one has to wonder if these unusually shaped styles will make aiming better, or worse?

Photo: Fishnflush.com
Photo: Fishnflush.com

Hopefully, you don’t suffer from shy bladder syndrome, as you could have dozens of tiny eyes watching you from the Fish N’ Flush, a real working aquarium that is wrapped around a clear inner water tank.

Photo: Healyandlord.com
Photo: Healyandlord.com

The Monty Snake Natural standing WC brings to mind James Bond, or at least a great Bond Villain. One wonders what kind of person would find a snake-skin toilet the height of fashion and style. An aggressive one, that’s for sure!

Photo: Now That's Nifty
Photo: Now That’s Nifty

Turn your basic porcelain fixture into a work of art reminiscent of beautiful Portuguese pottery. This toilet, seen on the blog Now That’s Nifty, would certainly be a focal point in any bathroom, the marriage of world style with modern convenience. Not funny, just pretty.

Photo: Bathroom-mania.com
Photo: Bathroom-mania.com

The mind boggles.

Photo: Jammin' Johns
Photo: Jammin’ Johns

Get your rock star on with these Jammin’ Johns in guitar and piano motifs. Guitar Hero Joe Perry puts his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us, so dream big and live like a rock star.

Photo: Elitechoice.org
Photo: Elitechoice.org

Cha-ching! Live like a Russian oligarch, or maybe just Donald Trump, and install one of these blinding Swarovski crystal encrusted toilets. You might need to keep a stash of dark shades in the bathroom with this sparkly throne!

Photo: Gizmodo.com
Photo: Gizmodo.com

Well, the world wouldn’t be complete without a rocking good time toilet. Shaped like a saddle, but made from stainless steel, this rocking horse toilet is spirited and fun, plus also apparently positions the user in a healthy position for the actual task at hand. Yippie-yi-o-ki-yay!

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