9 Ways to Dress Up Your Avocado Toast

There’s a versatile brunch sensation taking the world by storm: avocado toast. The concept is so simple, yet also so brilliant and inviting. Those who are used to slathering butter on their morning bread can rejoice at the idea of spreading on a healthier alternative with the same mouthfeel. Those who eat their toast dry can add flavor and flair to their morning routine.

We all have heard the buzz that avocados contain “the healthy fats.” Being a good source of high monounsaturated fats – 6.7g per avocado half – puts the fruit ahead of its creamy contenders for positive impact on cardiovascular health. The unsaturated fats in avocados help increase bioavailability of fat soluble vitamins and phytochemicals from the avocado itself and other fruits and veggies consumed with it, as well.

Avocado toast can be enjoyed at any time of the day: any meal time, as a healthy snack, or as a creative side dish. And the toppings possibilities are virtually endless. Here are some super-simple ideas to try, if you are just starting out or need to jazz up your usual avo-toast.

1. Simple Spices

Basic staples like sea salt and freshly-cracked black pepper can add oodles of flavor and a good bite. Crushed garlic can give a great flavor punch and red pepper flakes can add a healthy dose of heat.

2. Sophisticated Spice Blends

Have you ever sprinkled za’atar – a unique blend of sesame seeds, dried sumac, salt, and other spices – onto your hummus or fattoush salad? Why not toast? Or, how about gomashio, a Japanese blend of sesame and salt? Ethiopian sweet and spicy berbere? North African smokey-pepper harissa? French Herbes de Provence? Indian chaat masala blend with dried mango? The possibilities are endless.

3. Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

This ubiquitous produce item lends its versatility to the slice of avocado toast by being a perfect topping whether raw, roasted, sundried, stewed, grilled, or diced into a zingy pico de gallo.

4. Nutritional Yeast

If you’ve never tried the flaky wonder that is nutritional yeast – or “nooch,” as it’s known in vegan and vegetarian circles – then it is time to become acquainted. The flakes are different than brewer’s or baking yeast and can be stirred into sauces or sprinkled on top of meals to give a wonderful cheesy tang.

5. Lemon or Lime Juice

Not only will these juices help with the oxidation process (so you have more time to capture photos of your breakfast for social media purposes, of course), but are also recommended to add an acidic zest to the toast.

6. Coconut Bacon

Even better, top your toast with some tomato slices and a healthy sprinkling of this crunchy and smokey topping. Voila! An open-faced BLT-style sandwich that will please the family as well as the pigs who will be spared in this snack.

7. Salsa, Beans, or Grilled Corn

Give your toast a vibrant boost with a south-of-the-border theme by adding all of your favorite taco toppings. Bonus points for fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice.

8. Nuts

Pistacios, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts… the possibilities go on and on if you are looking to add some crunch to your nosh.

9. Fruit

It may seem odd, but the flavor combination of strawberries and a splash of balsamic vinegar on top of your avocado spread can be divine. Or, incorporate pineapple and mango into a fresh salsa and spoon some onto your creation. Get creative!


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I mix with it with pb

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I love it spread on toast or crackers.

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I like avocado halved with the dip filled with lemon juice.