9 Ways to Face Challenges

Many years ago, Iíd been living what Iíd thought was the Ďright lifeí. I was in a corporate dream job and living with the man Iíd thought of as my dream man. Then I realized I was living in someone elseís dream. After many sleepless nights, I ended my relationship, moved out, quit my job, and did a lot of soul searching.

At first I didnít know what I was experiencing was positive change. I thought I was a victim of drama. Lots and lots of drama! Then what happened was truly magical. The path appeared before me and I realized it was the universe calling me to make the next shift in my own evolution. I met the right person, got key information I needed to make important decisions, was offered a favor at just the right time. At first I took these steps as coincidences, nice coincidences, but nothing more. Then I started to keep a log and realized it was happening over and over again.

Time after time, Iíve kept the faith and continue to be amazed at how things appear in front of me just when I need them. Donít get me wrong, itís scary and I work hard at achieving my goals, but somehow I know Iím supported. And the more I believe that, the more these great gifts come to me. And things arenít going to be just Ďokayí. Iíve realized that things are going to be Ďgreatí because the universe gives a whole lot more than what we could have achieved on our own.

When facing lifeís challenges, hereís what I recommend:

  1. Consider whether youíve acted with integrity, intelligence and compassion in the situation.
  2. Reflect on the miracles in your life and realize this is an opportunity for growth.
  3. Take comfort in knowing that if you were going to fall through the cracks, it would have already happened!

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Suzanna Gratz is a public relations specialist and the creator of ArtMuse Online Gallery.

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Judy Apelis
Judy A4 years ago

Thank you

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

Sally Cook
Sally Cook4 years ago

Head on, keep going, take a break, find a new perspective, reflect, ask for guidance, remember no choice is the same as a choice, those are what I have.

Lynn C.
Lynn C4 years ago


Virginia Belder
Virginia Belder4 years ago


Patsy O.
Patsy Olive4 years ago

Well I am stumped on this one,lady when you fall it will be a hard one.But keep your attitude
because you are going to need it.

Nicole W.
Nicole W4 years ago

thank you for posting

andrew h.
- -4 years ago


"Resolve firmly to “try and try again.”
Spiritual progress is achieved above all by desiring it intensely. Know that you are growing spiritually when your entire consciousness, no matter what your faults, is turned to God.

All of us are part of God; we belong to Him, and He, to us. Eventually, we must all go back to Him. If you resolve firmly to “try and try again,” God Himself and His angels will come to your aid. Given sufficient time, and renewed courage on your part, you cannot fail to make steady, ongoing spiritual progress."


Sue H.
Sue H4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Anne Moran
Anne M4 years ago

Have to face challenges 'head-on'... That's the only way to do it,, really...