9 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Retreat

by Yamini Mudaliar, Networx

We all love a little ďme time,Ē donít we? I am talking about pure self indulgence, time you spend on yourself, for making you feel better.

Imagine the scent of lavender and fresh lilies wafting from the vase, brown sugar and vanilla after a nice pedicure, the sound of your favorite music and a warm bath robe embracing you after a soak from a bath enriched with natural oils and floating spa lights. Sounds out of this world?† Iíll show you how to make this happen at your home, in your very own bathroom.

Here are a few changes you can make that will encourage you to have more ďme timeĒ:

1. Rain Shower Heads

If you prefer a shower to the tub, then this is a good option. Unlike the usual shower, which shoots water at an angle, this shower takes advantage of gravity by throwing water at 90 degrees, as if you were standing in the rain, The only difference is that the water temperature can be adjusted to suit individual needs. These shower heads are now available with the WaterSense certification–EPA Partnership. It’s an inexpensive addition that will upgrade your shower to a spa!

2. Spa Robes

Why do only hotels carry them? Why canít we treat ourselves luxuriously at home? Suggested material for a spa robe is terry cotton, or cotton velour and terry. The latter has a soft velvet look on the outside but absorbs like terry from the inside. You can also have your robe monogrammed to get some custom luxury.

2. Spa Robe Rack or Hanger

Install them at a place easily accessible from the tub or the shower and donít use them to hang your towels. Buy a finish to match your dťcor.

3. Heated Towel Racks

A great addition that is affordable and stylish, heated racks solve the problems of damp smelly towels as well as guaranteeing you the feeling of royalty when you get out of the shower.

4. Ottoman/Chair, or Laundry Hamper that Serves as Seating

This piece of multitasking furniture serves as a good place to sit down and moisturize in comfort, paint your toe nails, or catch up on the book you have wanted to read, while your bath is filling up.

5. Full Length Mirror

This is a must have for any bathroom, not just for “me time,” but for any day. If you donít have wall space to install one, a full length mirror can be installed behind a door.

6. Toilet Tunes

There are several ways to include music into the setting; the simplest way would be to have an iPod docking system for the bathroom.

7. Magazine Rack

The best place to catch up on anything, from latest trends and gossip to what happened on the other side of the world. Stack them here.

8. Floating Spa Lights

Floating bath lights are a great thing to have in any bathroom. They are waterproof and come in color-changing hues that will light up your spirits.

9. Take a Trip to the Local Farmer’s Market

When itís time to schedule some “me time,” I would suggest a trip to the local farmerís market.

What can you get there?

  • Freshly cut flowers that will brighten your mood.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies: Make yourself a nice fruit drink and use the rest for a facial.
  • Locally made beeswax candles.
  • Organic salts for the bath.

Enjoy!† Best wishes for a more relaxing bathroom!

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Image: lightcap/Flickr


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i've just had the old bathroom ripped out and the partition wall separating the bathroom from the toilet down, making the space bigger. we've had a towel radiator put in [as there was NO radiator in either previously] and i bought a store box [contains all the extra bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc] with a sit-on lid from ikea several years ago when we were renting [they still sell them] which was living in the hallway. once the new floor gets put in, that box will be back in the bathroom where it belongs!

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