A Breast Milk Facial? Yes, It’s a Thing.

Breast milk is absolutely one of nature’s greatest miracles. It contains antibodies and white blood cells that help defend babies against infection, soothes skin irritation and even helps alleviate nuisances like a plugged tear duct or ear infection. Breast milk is also packed with Lysozyme, an immune factor that attacks bad bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli and reduces inflammation. It’s liquid magic!

It’s no wonder people have started using it on their faces. Yes, I said their faces.

It may sound a little bit strange (or a lot strange), but pediatricians have been recommending using breast milk to help with common baby issues like eczema for decades. This remedy is all thanks to lauric acid – a popular ingredient in skincare products that is heavily present in breast milk.

Bottles and frozen breast milk storage bags for new baby on wooden table

Lauric acid is a fatty acid, or lipid, that has antibacterial, acne-fighting properties. In the skincare world, it’s most commonly accessed in the form of coconut oil, but more and more people are starting to use their breast milk instead!

Here are a few ways especially utilitarian women are using breast milk in their skincare routines:

1. As an acne treatment

Breast milk’s antibacterial properties make it a great remedy for breakouts. All you have to do is dab it on and wait! I recommend wearing it overnight to avoid running around all day with a sticky mess on your face.

2. As a face wash

Got an overabundance of milk? Why not use it as a face wash? Many claim that breast milk has anti-aging properties thanks to the rich fats and proteins present in the milk. Think of it as a free all-natural plumping and rehydrating serum.

3. As a facial

Skin acting up? Whip up a mixture of one part breast milk and one part honey for an antibacterial facial that is well-loved by the beauty community. Dry skin? Try the same with a little bit of melted coconut oil added in.

It may sound a little off the wall, but using breast milk as a skin remedy makes a lot of sense. It’s got everything you would want in a great skincare product and is readily available if you’re already breastfeeding. Why not put it to further use?


Would you put breast milk on your face? Why or why not?


Olivia H
Olivia H3 days ago

thanks for posting

Chad Anderson
Chad Anderson8 days ago

Thank you.

Olivia H
Olivia H14 days ago

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Ann B
Ann B15 days ago

OMG what next---i'm sure stores carry this is different scents and colors:(

Marija Mohoric
Marija Mohoric26 days ago

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Danuta W
Danuta W26 days ago

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Mary B
Mary B27 days ago

If you feed it to your infants what is this squeamishness about putting a few drops on your face ? Especially considering the kind of toxic stuff in store bought lotions. And if you have to leave your child with a sitter for several hours and need to pump yourself out to leave a few bottles with your sitter, and so YOU won't leak. it's not like you're stealing your milk from your child. If you think this is a Ewww what do you do when you have to change a diaper?

Anne Moran
Anne M27 days ago

Got to be pretty hard up to put this on your face..

Kathy K
Kathy K27 days ago

Ewww! That's got to be one of the most disgusting things I've heard of in a long while.

Janet B
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