A Cardio Workout for the Pumpkin Patch

By Carmen Staicer for DietsInReview.com

One of the most enjoyable and traditional activities of the fall season is a visit to the pumpkin patch. While it’s an inherently healthy outing for a family with all the walking, lifting, and running, all the pumpkin-flavored treats and hot beverages can throw anyone off track.

This year turn your visit in to an even more active adventure by organizing a pumpkin patch bootcamp. Whether you take the kids, or organize a fun girls-day-out with friends, you’ll have fun and get in a cardio workout while enjoying this pre-Halloween past time.

  • Perform a kettlebell swing with a mid-weight pumpkin. Note: if you are holding the pumpkin by the stem, make sure 1.) it’s a thick stem, and that 2.) you have a solid grip. You don’t want your toss to turn in to a smash.
  • Create an obstacle course with pumpkins, hay bales, and fence rails. Run around the pumpkins, jump over the hay bales and crawl under the fence rails.
  • Do heavy pumpkin shoulder carries: grab the heaviest pumpkin that you can find, hoist it on to your shoulder, and run to the end of the field. Return and repeat. Try to beat your original time.
  • Try ab twists holding a pumpkin: pick a lighter pumpkin and sit on the ground. Lift your feet and balance on your bottom, then twist from side to side while holding the pumpkin.
  • Perform pumpkin push ups: using the same small pumpkin, place your hands in a push-up position on the outside edges and perform as many push-ups as you can. Rest for a moment, and then repeat for two more sets.
  • Do step-ups with a hay bale. This will work your calves, quads, and buttocks. Do as many as you can for one minute, rest one minute, then repeat for a second set.
  • Use a mid-weight pumpkin as a medicine ball for chest passes. You’ll need a partner who can catch and throw without getting hurt. Then toss the pumpkin from the center of your chest, catch, and repeat.
  • Don’t miss the sack races! This is just good fun that keeps your heart rate up!

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Tanya W.
Tanya W6 years ago

Thanks - fun for the whole family!!!

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Now that's a thought. Hope the farmer doesn't think I've lost it and the kids don't run off.

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Sounds like fun in the pumpkin patch!

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Thank you for the article. Who would have thought pumpkins could be so much fun and do your body good as well.

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A nicer environment than a standard gym.

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