A Diaper That is Full: Full of Denim Fashion

If, while looking over the heaps and bundles of landfill that have become the seagull infested borderlands between consuming city and consumed rural land, you thought something along the lines of, “So many damn beige diapers choking our landscape with their utter lack of fashion sense.” Then there is a product tailor-made for your concerns and perceived needs.

Huggies, one of the leading diaper manufactures in the country, has moved away from the quotidian and commonplace beige diaper, and brought a little denim Daisy Duke into the equation. Promoted as a “limited release” (insert diaper joke about limited releases here) these plastic diapers masquerading as denim short-shorts are assured to make your baby lookůwell, kinda weird.

Why is something like this created? Better question is why, in all my cynical and infinite wisdom, am I writing about it?

The television advertisement promoting Huggies Jean Diapers is almost worthy justification for the existence of this utterly preposterous creation (watch it here). With taglines like, “I poo in blue” you have to know that a gaggle of self-satisfied ad-copy men and women are thoroughly enjoying pushing the limits of good taste. So much unbridled enjoyment often leads to criticism and rebukes, as ABC television is refusing to run the advertisement, because they find the word “pooping” to be objectionable, as in “The coolest you’ll look pooping in your pants” (For the record: This is the same network that brought you fine programming like “Cougar Town” and “Wife Swap”).

Advertising aside, the creation of these denim diapers stemmed from research conducted by the Huggies brand, which found that 40 percent of mothers wear jeans, most days of the week and 57 percent buy jeans for babies within their first six months. So why not inculcate the child at a young age to inexplicably want to wrap their bum in denim (cheap simulated denim in this case) because Mom (and to be fair lets also include Dad) can’t be without denim. This is Huggies tapping into a moment of great social currency, in hopes to bring a bit more market share.

While I refuse to get too upset over this fleeting cultural blip, I will say that the more disposable diapers circulating (or more appropriately moldering) around the globe makes for a far less fashionable world in the long run. Might I propose some more attractive cloth diapers with denim covers, which have been widely available for decades?

After watching the commercial and absorbing all of the innuendos and implications, what are your feelings about denim diapers? Is it even worth worrying about, as these diapers will soon be relegated to the literal and figurative cultural trash heap? Is this just some innocent fun at the expense of no one in particular? Or is this why the terrorist hate us?


Kath R.
Kath P7 years ago

I thought that it was a cute ad...but would still advise people to use cloth.

Megan Poettgen
Megan R7 years ago

I litterally stood there in shock the first time I saw the commercial. It's ridiculous!Diapers go UNDER the clothes. And as it is generally socially acceptable to have a bare diaper, why do we need to pretend it's something else? There are few places where you really can't just have your kid in a diaper, and a denim diaper wouldn't be acceptable there either.

N Janis N.
N Janis N7 years ago

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mr Crowley
mr Crowley7 years ago

there are compostable diapers, vanessa, though i have to admit we never treid them. i wouldn't compost them at home anyway.

Sarah L.
Sarah L7 years ago

I don't see the problem with putting a print on your diaper whether it be denim or Disney.

Vanessa S.
Vanessa S7 years ago

I am glad that my kids are out of diapers. Even if they weren't, I think this is ridiculous. If diaper companies feel the need to come up with something new, what about diapers that are made of recycled materials, or diapers that can be composted.

Inez Deborah Altar

it is paedophilic, coprophilic and disgusting

Kathy T.
Kathy T7 years ago

this is absurd a waste of money.