A Dozen Delicious Almond Recipes

Addingalmonds to your diet can improve your health, but there are more ways to eat these nutsthan by the handful. Try these plant-based recipes, and sneak some healthy almonds into your day.

Almonds – like other nuts – deliver protein, fiber and healthy fat.In multiple studies, almonds have been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and reduce risk of heart attack. You can read more about the health benefits of almonds here.

Try these plant-based recipes, and sneak some healthy almonds into your day.

If you’ve triedto get more almonds into your day-to-day, you may have started drinking almond milk instead of soy or cow milk. Unfortunately, most almond milks contain barely any almonds. The good news is that you don’t need almond milk to addthese healthy nuts to your diet.

Check out these delicious ways to cook with almonds!

Spring Rolls with Almond Sauce from Spabettie

1. Spring rolls with spicy almond coconut sauce

Dip generously for a healthy dose of almond goodness!

Almond Pate from Ricki Heller

2. Creamy raw almond-pumpkin seed pate

This rich, creamy dip is secretly packed with healthy almondsand lots of veggies.

Almond Chia Pudding from Diannes Vegan Kitchen

3. Almond Joy chia pudding

You can serve this chocolatey almond treat for breakfast or for dessert.

Salad with Almond Dressing from Cupcakes and Kale

4. Almond butter lime dressing

Almond butter is the base for this creamy, citrusy dressing. Serve it over raw ribbon salad or your favorite green salad.

Kimchi Bowl with Almond Sauce via Fried Dandelions

5. Kimchi bowl with red curry almond sauce

If kimchi isn’t your thing, pour this delicious almond sauce overwhatever you like!

Ginger Wasabi Almonds from Glue and Glitter

6. Ginger wasabi roasted almonds

If you’re goingto eat almonds by the handful, they should be flavorful with a spicy kick!

Vanilla Almond Balls from V Nutrition

7. Vanilla almond balls

These are a healthy sweet treat with no added sugars and plenty of rich, delicious almond butter.

Almond Joy Smoothie from Vegan Huggs

8. Vegan Almond Joy smoothie

Milkshakes, schmilkshakes. Drink this no-sugar-added glass of almondy goodness instead.

Kale Almond Pesto from A Virtual Vegan

9. Kale & almond pesto

Serve this healthy pesto over noodles, spiralized veggies or with bread for dipping.It will work anywhere that you’d use a traditional pesto.

Almond Butter Dates from Cadrys Kitchen

10. Seitan bacon-wrapped dates with almond butter

Add a healthy treat to your next party spread. This fancy appetizer issurprisingly easy to make.

Sweet Potato Almond Soup from Veggie Inspired Journey

11. Sweet potato almond soup

This cozy soup gets its creaminess from almond butter and pureed sweet potatoes. Perfect for a chilly evening!

Almond Coconut Oatmeal from A Virtual Vegan

12. Almond & coconut oatmeal

This warm bowl of oatmeal only has five ingredients and takes about10 minutes to make!

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Image Credits: All images via recipe authors, used with permission.


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