A Font Made Entirely of Cats

Two marbled kittens, Raizo and Mondo, recently became immortalized in the form of a font. Yes, a font — as in Times New Roman, Geneva, Comic Sans, and now: Cat! Meet Neko Font, a Japanese web app that allows you to transform text into contortionist kitty-cats.

Each letter is comprised of one or more actual cat photos — and on occasion an extra image, such as the lowercase “i” which contains a bowl of ramen noodles for the dot (personally, I would have chosen a red ball of yarn). I cannot imagine how long it took for the designers to actually get their kittens — individually and together — to form all 26 letters in the English alphabet, plus many of the non-alphanumeric characters. Apparently, a capital “B” was one of the hardest letters to form.

Unfortunately, this is not a downloadable font that you can add to personal computer, but rather a web app with a dialogue box. You type in your desired text and they convert your words into cat form. For all of a feline’s flexibility, the final output can, at times, be hard to read, so you would not want to submit a term paper written entirely in cat font, even if the topic is felines. Like a cat, this font is entirely playful, but only when it is in the mood!

A move that is sure to make techie cat owners purr, Neko Font has hinted that they are working on a future function that will allow pet owners to scramble their own pussycats into letters, thus creating their own custom feline font.

Click here to give this web app a whirl!

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Lesa D
Past Member 5 months ago


thank you Cherise...

Jetana A
Jetana A5 months ago

5 year old article. This font is hard to read! Would work for headers (but I prefer Jokerman for those when I feel playful).

Heather Black
Heather B3 years ago

Mmmmmmmm, not too sure if I really like this - it's different anyway!

Kathy K.
Kathy K3 years ago

Oh, totally cool! Thanks.

Judy Apelis
Judy A5 years ago

Thank you!

Alan Lambert
Alan Lambert5 years ago


Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller5 years ago

that font is for me for sure! thanks!

Sandi C.
Sandi C5 years ago

cool cats

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

John W.
.5 years ago

I must download this!