A Gift of Inspiration

To me spirituality is about more than simply ‘self realization’.  It also involves ‘self expression’.  The art of awakening is to both ‘know yourself and show yourself’. When we wake up to the wonder of life there is a deep ‘love of being’ that demands to be expressed by bringing love into the world … by contributing to the collective through being creative.

I have worked all my life in the arts and as a spiritual philosopher, so I have always been keen to combine the two.  I love conveying deep ideas through books, music, performance and so on. So I was delighted to have the opportunity this year to create a short film with director Nick Ralph exploring the experience of awakening in a simple, vivid and experiential way.

My hope is that we have created a poignant little film that will touch both those who have an interest in ‘spirituality,’ and those who don’t see themselves as ‘spiritual’ at all. I feel this is important if we are to share the possibility of awakening with as many people as possible in mainstream culture.

So in this blog I want to do more than give you just words. I want to offer you a feast of ideas and images by sharing our short film … as a gift of inspiration. Let me know your reactions. If you enjoy it please share the film with your friends and social media. Love is only truly love when it is shared.

Deep love



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irene fernandez
irene Fernandez5 years ago


Emma R.
Emma Rose5 years ago

yes you experience awakening when you step on that broken wine glass! Life is being able to handle the ups and down ....

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

"The art of awakening is to both ‘know yourself and show yourself’."

The art of "awakening" is the moment of "enlightenment" that comes from the realization that we've been lied to for 2,000 years and we shed a lifetime of fear, shame and guilt because we have done nothing WRONG. "Spirituality" is a bunch of bullshit, a word that's been coined to trick people into believing a crapload of superstitious nonsense so that the rich people who control our lives can suck MONEY out of us. "Spirits", "Souls", Fairy Gods", "Shaman", "Santa Claus" and all other made up mythical characters are NOT REAL,
they are FIGMENTS of the IMAGINATION. People don't NEED to be INSPIRED, they are ALREADY INSPIRED to "do" something, it's called "hunger". They need to eat, they don't
"need" to PRAY for eating. What people REALLY NEED is to get all religious cults and all "spiritual" charlatans OUT of their lives and STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY. "Love is truly love when it is SHARED" is just another way of saying, "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY AND GET OUT OF HERE TOO."

Laurie D.
Laurie D5 years ago

Okay. I agree but to keep it in balance, we must also recognize the need for our own improvement and change. When that balance is achieved, THEN true joy is experienced!

Fiona T.
Fiona T.5 years ago


Jonn Norman
Jonn Norman5 years ago

Beautifully done! Elegantly created! Lovingly shared! Thank you very much for allowing me to witness the goodness of life and its beginnings!

Omer Kurkcu
Yumer Orlinov5 years ago

Thanks :))