A Healerís Note on The Breath

In meditation practice I guide others to follow the breath, for me this means to surrender to the shared current of life that connects every living being. The breath is truly a river that runs through us all. Each breath contains the dust of the cosmos, billions of years of being carried on the breath into our cells, transforming dark to light, sickness to health, dream to awareness.

Learn more about the breath that our lungs breathe:

Each out breath carries the bi-products of our cellular waste into the universe, to be transformed, recycled and consumed over and over again by each living, breathing organism.

The breath of plants is my breath, the breath of every animal is my breath, the breath of the every man, woman and child on the planet that has ever breathed is my breath. This consciousness is held within the awareness of the breath, calling me home, binding me to all life, lung to lung, breath to breath, heart beat to heart beat.

Breathing, surrendering to the current of the breath, surrendering to all of life flowing through me, aware, transformed, connected by the simple and profound act of breathing.

Kate DeChard, June, 2006
Rhinebeck, NY

Kate's Blog, by Kate DeChard of The Soul Sanctuary.


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It reminds me too, that all water is shared. in the same way. Constantly recycled from all of creation.

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