A Light-filled Home and Studio in Los Angeles

At Remodelista, we’ve been tracking furniture and lighting designer Brendan Ravenhil‘s upward trajectory for a while now. He and his wife, Marjory, recently moved into a midcentury modern house in Echo Park, where they share a studio. We recently asked for a tour of the new digs, and they kindly obliged.

Photography by Mimi Giboin for Remodelista.

Above: The midcentury modern living area. When asked about his new space, Ravenhil replied: “The light is amazing; there’s a big bay window with great views. It’s a calming space to create in. The sun chases me out of the studio in the afternoons, but it encourages a migratory pattern of sorts. I love having different hours and working late at night. It’s magical living in LA if you work at home and don’t have to commute.”

Above: A view into Ravenhil’s studio. According to Ravenhil, “the gray and yellow hanging piece is a wooden pattern mold.”

Above: A view into Marjory’s work space, with a sign from a hair salon found on the streets of Brooklyn. When asked how he shares the space with Marjory, Ravenhil replied: “We had separate work spaces in our old house, so this is the first time we have shared a space. We can close it up, so it’s like having two separate studios if we need to.”

Above: Ravenhill’s cord chandelier with a surf board stored above.

Above: Marjory ( a consultant for an NGO) also makes hand-lettered signs. This one is headed to a storefront in Los Feliz.

For more on Ravenhill, see Remodelista‘s post Brendan Ravenhill in Los Angeles.



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