A-Peeling Tips for Kitchen Beauty

Many of us are composting or throwing away our best helpers for quick beauty fixes. Find out what lemon peel, cucumber peel, avocado peel and many more can do for you, in practically no time flat!

Orange or grapefruit peels left over from juicing make a great skin tonic. Lightly rub the peels over your face, avoiding the eye area, then rinse with warm water. They will give you a nice tingle and glow.

Lemon peel may be rubbed across the teeth for a fast whitening effect.

Lemon peel is also useful for lightening age spots; just tape a small piece on the spot go about your day! Remove in an hour or so.

Rub the fleshy part of a piece of avocado peel on your face for a luscious quick moisturizer.

Cucumber peels will reduce puffiness under and around your eyes if allowed to remain on for 10 minutes.

Potato peelings are another great puffiness-reducer: apply the moist side of the fresh peels to your skin and allow to remain on for 15 minutes.

Here is a great formula for Citrus Mint Toner using fresh citrus peels.

Banana peels may remove warts: just tape a piece of fresh peel, soft inner side against the wart, and allow to remain on, changing after you bathe or shower, until the wart is gone.

Pineapple peels may be wiped over the skin to soften it.

By Cait Johnson, author of Witch in the Kitchen (Inner Traditions, 2001).


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Watch out for allergies and exposure times - I have a friend that is allergic to an enzyme in pineapple peel - maybe it's more concentrated closer to the surface, and less so in the flesh. Otherwise, yumm!!

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