A Week-by-Week Countdown to Spring Cleaning

Itís hard to believe, but the first day of spring is just six weeks away. For those of us who are looking forward to the warmer weather (to put it mildly), the countdown to spring has already begun. And what better way to ring in the warm season than by partaking in a ceremonial spring cleaning?

If spring cleaning sounds like itís way too far away to get started on right now, think again. By doing some pre-spring cleaning prep work now, you wonít have a million things to do on the big day. Countdown to spring with this spring cleaning weekly countdown:

Six Weeks Out: Plan Any Major Changes

When spring is six weeks away (that is, right now), itís time to take inventory of what has served you well over the past year in regard to your home life. Get out a notebook or planner and answer the following questions:

  • What is my least favorite room in the house? Why?
  • What fixtures would be more easily accessible if moved somewhere else?
  • What items are cluttering up my living space?
  • Are there any rooms of my home Iíd like to re-arrange?
  • What are my top organizational priorities for the coming year?
  • Are any pieces of hardware in my home broken or in need of replacements?

When youíve answered these questions, you can begin to formulate an action plan for your spring cleaning activities.

Five Weeks Out: Fix Broken Things

Five weeks from spring, itís time to do the dirty work: Fixing anything thatís broken. Tighten your door handles, repair hinges, spackle any holes, replace light bulbsÖ you get the picture. If anything requires the help of a trained handyman, make the appointment so it gets done in a timely manner.

Four Weeks Out: Declutter Your Closet

Regardless of your other priorities, everyone would benefit from a critical look at their wardrobe. Discard any items of clothing that no longer fit, have holes or that no longer bring you happiness. Take them to a donation center or, if they are in good condition, consider selling them for a small profit.

Three Weeks Out: Declutter Your Bathroom

Another area where everyone could use a good comb-through? The bathroom. Nowís the time to throw out expired medications, cosmetics you havenít used in months, empty shampoo bottles and ratty old washcloths. Donate whatís salvageable and recycle the rest.

Two Weeks Out: DIY Your Cleaning Products

With spring just two weeks away, make your cleaning products. Youíll probably need a few staples from your local store, if you donít have them on hand already:

  • Borax
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Distilled water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Assorted spray bottles
  • Essential oils (optional)

Click here for all the recipes you need to DIY your cleaning products!

The Week Before: Check the Forecast and Plan Your Spring Cleaning Day

Finally, about a week away from the first day of spring, check your 10-day weather forecast. Pick the best day for your spring clean-a-thon by considering both your personal schedule and the weather. Itís best to open your windows, if possible, during your cleaning session, as this can help move out dusty winter air and bring in fresh air.

Make your game plan room-by-room so you donít miss any dust bunnies. Spring will be here before you know it, so get started with your prep work today.

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