Abused Iranian Cat Gets Treatment in U.S.

An injured cat in Tehran was found with many abscesses and soaked in gasoline. It had also been shot in the face with a pellet. The cat was so unhealthy it was unable to move, according to the Iranian woman who called a Tehran animal services group, Sayeh Animal Guardians. Veterinary care in Tehran is limited, so the cat’s rescuers arranged for the cat to be cared for in San Francisco. They took it in and coincidentally happened to know someone who was flying to San Francisco so they contacted the local animal care services people and asked if they could treat it.

Fortunately, they were able to pick up Maloos at the airport and have been providing vet care for the orange and white tabby. He is recovering now and apparently has been suffering from other problems as well, due to an improper surgical procedure performed some time ago in Iran. One of his hind legs was amputated because of an infection after the botched procedure, and he was born with hip and leg deformities. SFACC will continue to care for Maloos and then evaluate his condition to see when he can be put up for adoption.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control (ACC) says they turn away no animals. They will accept pit bull terriers and rats, even if some other shelters consider them unadoptable. According to their site, they have microchipped over 2,700 dogs and cats.

They made a video of Maloos, which means “very cute” in Farsi.

Image Credit: Brian Adler, Public Domain

Note: The tabby in the picture above is not Maloos.

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Laura Saxon
.4 years ago

Great article! Thanks for sharing. People in Iran really need to respect their animals instead of abusing them.

.4 years ago

thank you to the acc,happy forn maloos,and hopes that he will find a good family soon,thank you for sharing

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad4 years ago

God Bless SF!!! It is true, if you have an animal in SF you have an animal in one of the best places in the world!!! I'd take this beautiful boy in, in a heartbeat!

Cheyenne Thunderbird

That's good

ann b.
Ann B5 years ago

San Francisco ACC is a fantastic organisation for the work they did with this rescue. So is the lady who helped in the first place. Maloos needs the best home possible to help him make up for his horrible time. He is lovely.

Freya H.
Freya H5 years ago

What a heartwarming story! It really increases my hope for humankind. Some people will go way out of their way for our fellow travelers on Spaceship Gaia.

Jeannie Fuchs
Jeannie Fuchs5 years ago

Get better soon Maloos. Way to go San Francisco Animal Care and Control, Love the fact you take in any animal.

Donna M.
Donna M5 years ago

Glad he got a second chance . he is stunning .

Angela Burrow
Angela Burrow5 years ago

What a beautiful cat, he looks just like my beloved Scamp. I see Maloos has a cat wheelchair now so hopefully that will give him a lot more mobility. I would adopt him like a shot if I lived in the USA.

Jillian M.
Jillian L5 years ago

Thank you for posting. While these Articles are difficult to read, they also help to educate societies so that positive changes can take place.