Accessing Your Soul

The mind can be explained without dragging in references to God. Nobody knows what precedes birth or follows after death. All we can study is the mind here and now.

The mind is located in the brain, not with God. There is no evidence of anything inside the brain except a complex of chemical and electrical activity. If you change the brain, the mind changes at the same time.

There is no part of us that is untouchable and unworldly. Higher emotions are nothing but the predominance of certain neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

The body, being the center of all chemical activity, creates the mind. There is nothing else the soul could be, except a physical phenomenon.

The underlying disagreement here is profound. In simplest terms, the religious person believes that God is behind all material creation, while the scientist asserts that material creation can run itself without any need for an outside hand.

The way of peace says that you will never access the power of the soul if you buy into this dichotomy. The soul is a living, dynamic part of each person. It exists as consciousness and therefore must be found in consciousness.

If you want to experience your soul, you must go beyond the more superficial levels of emotion and personality. This journey is a journey of knowledge and power. As you embark on it, everyday actions no longer mask the soul; they express its dynamic creative energy. In other words, touching the soul alters reality.


Adapted from The Path to Love, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1997).


Uma Chernoff
Uma Chernoff5 years ago

Zee that was very interesting. Thanks.

Zee Kallah
Helen Porter5 years ago

My hypothesis that works is that the "child within" of psychology, the subconscious mind of Huna, the soul with which David in the Psalms says "My soul, why art thou distressed? I will yet hope in the Lord," is one and the same entity.

According to Huna, which is the teaching of the Kahunas of Hawaii who walk on fire, according to the Kahunas, the subconscious mind deals only with memory and emotion
and needs the conscious mind to explain with logic and understanding. If there are
conflicts between the subconscious mind (lower self) and the conscious mind that reasons, you get paychosomatic problems, such as illness, because the subconscious is in
charge of the body and it is the link between the conscious self and the "Higher Self" who has the power of miracles and manifestation. That is as long as the subconscious doesn't feel guilty and has a friendly relationship with the conscious self. Higher Self comes, in the sleep time, to obtain the mana which it needs from the physical body. Higher Self does not pay heed to words but only to pictures. Then if the three, conscious, subconscious, high self are in loving accord, Higher Self will most often manifest the pictures of that which is desired.

If this taste of Huna which is devoted to the "Utterly Trustworthy Parental Spirit" is of interest to you check it out on the internet.

Works for me.

Armand B.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thank you. Ditto Gloria. I interviewed a number of people who had experienced NDEs for a class I was taking...information which was used in Ken Ring's book.

Jordan S.
Jessica W5 years ago

Gloria: There is no Divine Intelligence. And if there was, what makes you think it's a "him"? Jeez. So tired of that... Good article.

Dot A.
Dot A5 years ago

The movie: "Cloud Atlas" addresses the multi-individual concept. FYI

Kenneth D.
Kenneth Davies5 years ago

Beware of this if you can do this so can the evil spirits

Diane Piecara
Diane Piecara5 years ago

Interesting. Perhaps it is worth pointing out that the idea of God gives strength to many. As the idiom goes...different strokes for different folks. John Lennon put it this way, "Whatever gets you through your life, it's alright, it's alright." (Just don't hurt others doing it.)

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola5 years ago

Thanks for a great article,

Gaby D.
Gaby D5 years ago

Hmm Spirit Spider..... I like that, food for thought! The life we live is a physical representation of our soul! I wonder though - as to me the soul is not only an individual soul - one that belongs to me - or you - or anyone else - it's sort of the same 'shared' soul that is the first 'mover' of all creation. However, if you were to take that literally, then yes, each physical life is a representation of that soul that is experiencing itself in a gazillion different manifestations/ creations.