Accused Cat Killer Gets 30 Days House Arrest

In Mesa, AZ., convicted cat snatcher Scott Andrew Graham is serving 30 days house arrest and counseling. While Graham has admitted to stealing 40 to 50 cats and playing with them, several of the stolen cats have shown up mutilated and dead within 24 hours, according to Graham was caught on video stealing one of those family cats that later turned up dead.

ABC15 reported, “Police said they did find cat hair, duct tape, gloves and plastic bags in Graham’s garage and car. Ultimately, no tests were done to match Graham with the dead animals and without enough direct evidence, animal cruelty charges were dropped.”

Scott Graham’s sentence? Three years’ probation for theft and 30 days house arrest.

Residents are understandably angry that Graham is serving such a light sentence, and they started a silent protest outside his home. It is both in memory of the tortured, killed cats, and also a message to keep cats indoors and children safe. It is known that serial killers often start with animals before proceeding to people, often children.

An online issue of PETA states, “Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals don’t stop there—many of them move on to their fellow humans.”

According to a New South Wales newspaper, a police study in Australia revealed that “100 percent of sexual homicide offenders examined had a history of animal cruelty.”

And yet, Scott Andrew Graham, is serving 30 days house arrest for theft and told that he can’t go back to the neighborhood in which he stole the cats. A dog gets a death sentence for injuring a cat, but a human gets only 30 days house arrest?

What do you think of Graham’s sentence? What would you do if this was your neighborhood? Thanks for sharing your thoughts in a comment below.

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Ann B
Ann B26 days ago

Looks like another John wayne gacy........this man needs to be shot.....look at Dahlmar----they ended his life in prison - by the inmates---all animal abusers!!!!

Molly R.
Molly R.2 years ago

I have reason to believe he took a cat of mine, it was Wednesday 8,15 when I went to look for him I saw a black vehicle parked/ drove off , I never saw i in my life living here, I'm thinking he's hunting in other neighborhoods ,

Carla van der Meer

The judge should be buried up to his neck in used kitty litter (not the odor absorbing kind, either. the cat killer should be covered in Fancy Feast and fed to starving street cats..

Anna B.
Anna B.3 years ago

Take the judge off the bench. He is unfit.

Gillian M.
Gillian M3 years ago

It is important that Scott receive treatment but it is also important that he receives a punishment that he understands that abuse of any kind is not tolerated.

In the UK there are guidelines for all of the judiciary to try to ensure that a crime is punished the same way regardless of where the court is. Because the judiciary are human then it will vary. But it seems that the entire legal system in America have no idea of how to try or punish a defendant.

Millie O'Connor
Millie O'Connor3 years ago

I'd gladly join you and eradicate this bastard from the face of the earth. All abusers should be eliminated from society. There's no reason why they should be breathing. They cannot be rehabilitated, they will not stop abusing and killing these sweet little souls. Why should they be allowed to live?!!

Nimue P.

This sentence must be a bloody joke - this criminal needs to be jailed.

Kimmie R.
Kimmie Roberts3 years ago

You ask what would I do if it was my neighborhood, first of all he wouldn't have a days peace if I knew I would get away with it, id make him pay. Animals are living breathing creatures just like us humans if it was humans he did this too he would be in prison, why in the hell weren't there tests done to confirm the murders, oh yeah cause the officials don't give a shit about animals. Karma is a BITCH I hope all of you involved in this lame ass sentencing ROT IN HELL! there lucky I don't live there, that's all im saying!

Angela l.
Angela L4 years ago

All animals killers, abusers, and torturers should be punished the way as human killers. No difference because they are all sentient beings regardless of two-legged or four-legged!!! No "but" or any other excuses.

Kate S.
Kate S4 years ago

Sad. But when that person turns into the serial killer ... maybe just maybe he'll get a more just sentence