Adele, Joyful Song And Air Pollution!


The Christmas holiday has become just about the only time when people gather in each other’s homes to raise their voices in joyful song. Everyone’s getting into the spirit: First Lady Michelle Obama, planning a party, requested Christmas music–along with some of her favorite songs, including one of my new favorites, Adele’sSomeone Like You.”

Adele– just nominated for six Grammy awards is a fabulous musician! Her blog is full of charm, too. As my heart is unusually full of her songs, I was stricken by the news that Adele is recovering from surgery for a vocal cord hemorrhage. And as she’s recovering, this lifetime London resident is talking about moving to the country. Why?

“The idea is for her to live in the countryside, away from the capital’s smog and pollution.”

A source told the British newspaper, The Mirror that she is “deeply invested in her health at the moment.”

As well she should be–and as we all should be. Air pollution in the form of smog isn’t good for anyone’s voice. Singers are especially vulnerable as the American Lung Association andWedMD point out,

“Smog is a type of air pollution that results from a mix of gases and particulates reacting with sunlight. The particulates found in smog can include smoke, dust, sand, and pollen…American Lung Association says that more than 175 million people — about 58% of the population — still live where pollution levels frequently make it difficult for some people to breathe. Ground-level ozone is a pollutant that contributes to smog… it aggravates asthma, irritates the lungs, and makes it difficult to breathe. Long-term inflammation from breathing in too much ground-level ozone can permanently scar lung tissue.”

I love the video of Adele singing–and talking about the inspiration for the song–“Someone Like You” in her home. However, as a mom, I have to add: Ditch the cigarettes, too, please, darling. You’re just sucking concentrated, toxic air pollution right down your precious throat–and being a bad influence on girls.

We should always be able to make a joyful noise unto the world–whenever the spirit moves us. We want our children to grow up singing their hearts out, too. Who would have thought that singing would be yet another reason to fight for clean air? Adele is right. But let’s clean up our air, rather than force people out of our cities.

I’m raising my voice–and a toast–to clean air! Happy Holidays!




Kiana Siino
Kiana S6 years ago

Oh no! I hope her voice will be okay. How awful for her. There's a big lesson to be learned there.

Patricia Pliego
Cynthia Pliego6 years ago

Thanks for the info! I can´t get her songs out of my head either, and now I hope this air pollution issue gets more attention due to her! =D

I´d leave my city (Mexico City) too if it was just my call right now.. one day I will though!

rene davis
irene davis6 years ago

great singer.

Debbie Bush
Debbie Bush6 years ago

We are so hard on our Mother Earth. We should be ashamed. Thanks for reminding us once again. Some need to hear this continually until they finally look at the facts with an open heart, of they just get tired of people like us and go looking at the facts to find something to prove us wrong and actually see the painful truth themselves.

andrew h.
- -6 years ago


theres an interesting concept about singing that may be of use - where to put your mind so you dont possibly damage your throat and vocal chords when singing (putting your mind on your first soul house when singing as described in a new book).

Grammy Award winner Roberta Flack says in the forward of the book "Tao Song and Tao Dance" by Zhi Gang Sha "His voice is like the voice of God singing. God's voice in his body is so unique that it is definately a healing sound"

Tao songs are sung to create good health, longevity and a way to serve too. It helps humanity as it is a soul healing. Downloads are in the book to raise the healing vibration of the Tao songs too.

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T6 years ago

Thanks for the article & video..

Rin S.
Rin S6 years ago

She's currently my favourite singer. God she's amazing

Holly Lawrence
Holly L6 years ago

Yes andmaybe Adele will use the millions she makes to help our pollution problems!

Mandi A.
Amanda A6 years ago


Celine V.
Celine V6 years ago

Love it !!
Thank you
And a Merry Holiday time to you!