Aging as a Whole is a Vicious Cycle

Whenever anyone seems to be aging so badly that signs of senility, feebleness, and disability are present, it’s important to investigate their lifestyle.

Problems crop up in a person’s daily routine that are too often ignored, especially when they are only “showing their age.” It is estimated that between a third and half of senility cases result from the following treatable factors: Malnutrition, side effects from drugs, smoking, alcohol abuse, dehydration, depression, inactivity.

All these factors begin in awareness, stemming either from neglect or from habit. Alone or in combination, any of these factors can dramatically affect how a person looks and acts.

Not drinking enough water every day is one of the most common conditions in old age, chronic dehydration being a major cause of preventable aging. It is an avoidable complication that leads to many problems.

The ultimate solution doesn’t lie with medicine but with personal change. People in nursing homes improve remarkably after altering their lives in the simplest ways–giving them a potted plant to tend, allowing them to make up their own menus and take charge of tidying their rooms. These people regain a sense of usefulness and worth.

Adapted from Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1998).


Elisa F.
Elisa F4 years ago

Thanks for Sharing.

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Thank you for sharing.

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katie edwards5 years ago

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Patty B.
Patty B5 years ago

when you whatyou love...whether it is art or travel . keep yourself entertained ...but DO NOT SIT IN FRONT OF A TV FOR HOURS !

Atocha B.
Mary F5 years ago

Thanks for the article and the really thought provoking comments!

Kath R.
Kath P5 years ago

Releasing emotional baggage helps to reverse the effects carrying them brings on.

SuSanne P.
SuSanne P5 years ago

Thank you dearly.

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

I see this happening every day, now that I'm caretaker for my parents. It's always a fine line between making a suggestion and becoming irritatingly 'bossy', especially when I see their choices making their health issues worse, and then listening to them complain about how badly they feel.
There just comes a point when I have to let it go and keep saying to myself - it's their life and their choice.

Janice L.
Janice Lawrence7 years ago

I see so many people here in the South who age very badly, but they don't take care of themselves. If you never exercise, never meditate, have toxic relationships, follow a toxic religion, think toxic thoughts, stay glued to the TV AND TAKE THAT STUFF SERIOUSLY, then you age.

Rosi Caswell

If we look at "stage" not "age", many factors and questions slot neatly into place. As many of you will know, broadly speaking, we journey through life in recurring cycles comprising seven year spans, working through the seven major chakras, (energy centres) within our physical body, which are linked to and energise specific parts of our body. As we travel onwards, we all hold certain issues which are manifested within the area of our body pertinent to the chakra it is linked with; this serves to demonstrate which issues we need to deal with and release; there will then no longer be a need to manifest any ailment linked to said issue, for the "message" has been heard and the issue dealt with. These issues are sourced, identified and dealt with through the process of Metaphysical (beyond the physical) Counselling, aka Self Help Therapy, which defies age, but identifies stage. Once we grasp and work within this concept, we are then truly able to Heal ourselves by releasing the underlying need to manifest any given ailment.
Rosi Caswell, Animal Whisperer, Animal/Human Therapist, Metaphysical Counsellor