All Natural Lip Balm

I really like lip balm. In fact, for years, I couldn’t be more than a few inches from a tube of it, I used it so often. Turns out, the petroleum products in my non-natural lip balm were actually drying my lips out and forcing me to reapply constantly; not to mention that I was absorbing or swallowing at least 60 percent of the chemicals and non-natural oils I was slathering on my lips all day long.

My herbalist friend, Camilla, came to the rescue with an all-natural, essential-oil filled, extra-healing lip balm that I applied what seemed like every five minutes. My lips were rather raw and felt extremely naked for the first 36 hours or so of my shift from petroleum- to plant-based lip relief. After that first day and half though, my lips have never been so happy and I rarely use lip balm anymore – generally only when I’m going to be in the sun for prolonged periods; or when I feel like looking pretty; or, of course, when I haven’t had enough water and my lips give me the first sign of slight dehydration.

My favorite balms are those made with all-natural (and very few) ingredients by my friends (I have yet to foray into making my own lip care). But, since not everyone either wants to make their own, or happens to know several people who do, I thought I’d compile some fun options in all-natural (and even some organic) lip balm.

If you are feeling industrious and want to try making your own, I hear it’s pretty easy, and since making lotion isn’t all that hard, I’m guessing lip balm can’t be rocket science. Rachel’s Supply has an easy lip balm recipe and some good tips. Note that in Rachel’s note, she mentions using a nib of regular lipstick to color your lip balm – keep in mind that commercial lipsticks have petroleum and lots of chemicals – something I wouldn’t put in a nice, homemade, all-natural product.

I’m feeling like I should do a testing (or would that be “tasting”) of all these balms out there, as well as make one of my own to see which I like best. Sounds like a great weekend project that could easily turn into holiday gifts.

- Jocelyn Broyles

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Honey D.
Honey D.3 years ago

Thanks! I recently started making my own lip balms with shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. Here's the link if you're interested :)

Emelie Hangsel
Past Member 4 years ago

Thank you for the tips!
Right now I use Pamplemousse from the Body Shop. Works great with lip color too! But I don't know if it's organic.

Jeanette F.
Jen F4 years ago

Great idea. Coconut is the most wonderful body lubricant. I use it on my face at night. However for those of us who are allergic to bee-stings adding beeswax is a definite no-no. I have learned the hard way!

Elena B.
Elena Bonati4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Nadia R.
Nadia R5 years ago

Great info! Thanks! Btw, I often prepare a natural homemade lip balm, which is a pure vanilla - cocoa - coconut lip bliss :))

Victoria Pitchford
Vicky P6 years ago

Kiss my face has some nice lip balms out too, and they are cheap and all natural :)

Naomi M.
Naomi Miskimins6 years ago

I love lip balm

sandra m.
Past Member 6 years ago


Dominique M.
Dominique M6 years ago

The keeki's one sounds good. I just checked out their website and they have amazing nail polish colours, especially considering they're all vegan and stuff!

Devayani Patil
Devayani Patil6 years ago