All Possibilities: Choice Of Natural Laws

It is hard to deny that our reality remains stubbornly intact because our logic is stubbornly rational, geared solely to the events of the waking state. A dreamer can fly because defying gravity in a dream is just a matter of altering one’s brain wave patterns: everything that occurs in a dream, no matter how bizarre, is clearly self-generated. Yet the same holds true in waking state, with a difference.

Sitting in my chair this minute, I might think, “I want to fly,” and nothing will happen. I lack the power of a dreamer, or so it seems, and the reason, I tell myself, is that certain laws of nature have been set aside out of my control, gravity being a prominent example.

However, the rishis would argue that this setting aside is itself a human act. What holds me down to earth is not the fact that gravity is a law of nature. It is the choice of laws that happen to be in effect. When a person has reached a higher state of consciousness, he realizes such choices are always being made and can also be unmade. For every natural law that holds me down in my chair, another, still asleep in the field, would allow me to fly.

The rishis say, “This is full, that is full.” The word this signifies the manifest reality I see all around me; the word that signifies the unseen world of the transcendent, the world of Being, the field. Both worlds are full – i.e., infinite – and if I do not like the natural laws that trap me here, I can find alternatives inside the field.

I don’t have to defy the current set of laws, but only wake up a new one. This is how fire can be convincingly hot at one time and cold the next.

The doctrine of “This is full, that is full” causes the yogi to declare that nature is perfect. He is not referring to the picture that reality presents today, nor is he glossing over the gross imperfections that create suffering. But another kind of world is also available, at the touch of Being, and that fact overrides the evil we are witness to in daily life. Nature is perfect because it contains all possibilities.

Adapted from Unconditional Life: Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams, by Deepak Chopra (A Bantam Book, 1991).


Alicia N.
Alicia N6 years ago


Santanita G.
Santanita G6 years ago

I love reading these articles, they make me think.

Gaby D.
Gaby D6 years ago

Goodmorning Deepak and everyone else, wonderful article.....once again reminding us of the limitations of our 'belief system', and our state of being'. Still a tough one to get your head wrapped around if you are in a "yeah right prove it to me baby' state of mind.
I truly enjoyed Uma's contribution of last year I think it was. That was quite a post Uma, the Dalai Lama on this topic is pretty impressive. Thank you for sharing.
Thank all of you for your contribution, a bit of Soular Energy for a very earthbound (hard work ahead) Sunday......Namaste.

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i just don't 'get' this.

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A;ways appreciated, Dr. Chopra. Al;ong with, of course, the many and varied comments. Yes, and even the negative ones.

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There are some seriously deluded people on here, I amazed that they believe in this nonsense. Reminds me of people who believe in religion with queation or thought.

May be I should write a book about how you can fly if you just think about it...

Ellen Mccabe
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Thanks for mentioning Castanada Lynn.
I think that was an awakening for many, muself included.
And it's funny how something like that can stay (fairly) fresh in our minds, all these so many moons later..

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Quit an interestin article but need more in depth study

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please repeat so I can remember!

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Absolutely brilliant, I`m speechless