Allergic, Itchy Eyes? This Herb can Help

Anyone who suffers with eye problems during allergy season knows how uncomfortable and disruptive these symptoms can be.  At the same time, you don’t always want to be consuming chemicals for months during allergy season.

Eyebright is an herb that has been used for centuries and possibly millennia for the treatment of eye problems, including eye irritation linked to allergies. South African scientists at Witwatersrand University studied the effects of eyebright drops (Euphrasia rostkoviana Hayne) on 65 people with eye irritation to determine its effectiveness. Fifty-three (81.5%) people had a complete recovery and 11 (17%) others had a clear improvement. Additionally, there were no serious adverse events observed during the trial.

I have used eyebright with my clients who suffer from itchy or irritated eyes due to allergies with tremendous success. It is available in eye drops, tincture for internal use, or capsules. Two of the types of eye drops I have recommended with success include: Euphrasia and Oculoheel®. Usually one drop in each eye three times a day is all that is needed for relief.

To further help allergic and itchy eyes, I frequently recommend them along with an eyebright (officinalis or rostkoviana) alcohol tincture or capsules for internal use while using the eye drops for best results. For the alcohol tincture, take 30 drops orally two or three times daily. Follow the package instructions for capsules.  DO NOT PUT THE ALCOHOL TINCTURE IN YOUR EYES.

Adapted with permission from Allergy-Proof: Over 60 Drug-Free, All-Natural Ways to Beat Allergies by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD.  Information provided for educational purposes only. Consult your physician prior to using eyebright or other supplements.


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