Alternative Medicine: Old Knowledge, Future Cures

Do you remember that saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

That must have been coined in the era before Big Pharma and the Insurance Industry started sleeping together. Somewhere along the line, we gave up on nutrition and lifestyle as the go-to fixes for what ails us.

One day, an executive in a very expensive suit must have realized that it’s far more profitable to manufacture synthetic drug “cures” for everything. Cures that require prescriptions, which require expensive doctor’s visits, and probably only mask symptoms rather than actually make us well.

For those of us who lean toward natural, sustainable lifestyles, however, pharmaceuticals are a last resort. We’d rather give our bodies all the nutrients, water, sleep, and joy it can handle, and give it the chance to fix what’s wrong without manmade intervention.

There’s no denying that alternative medicine (also referred to as naturopathy, complimentary medicine, or integrative medicine) is on the rise around the world. Tired of “medications” with side effects that are worse than the ailments they’re supposed to treat, people are discovering the healthier, cheaper, option of herbs, vitamins, organically-grown food, and positive lifestyle changes.†Most recently, the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, recognized the importance of alternative medicine by mentioning it in seven different sections of the law.

Although these alternatives may seem hip and trendy, they’re actually the resurrection of natural medicines that have been around for centuries. Scroll through the infographic below for a brief†history of alternative medicine and the benefits that people can receive from alternative treatments today.


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