Amplify Your Love on 9/11

This post is part of a collective tribute for September 11th. Click here for more Care2 stories on 9/11.

The 10th Anniversary of 9/11 is right around the corner. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the memories and dwelling in the negative thoughts that can arise around this emotional time, you can choose to focus on love. Thankfully some dedicated people have come together to create an outstanding opportunity for us to do just that. You are invited to take part in a global event helping the world to make the shift from fear to love, and you can take part from wherever you are!

You have heard about the power of positive thinking and the power of our intentions, and you may have also heard how people, including scientists around the world, can track the effects of human thought and feeling making an impact on the world around us.

On September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of 9/11 2011, you are invited to take part in a Globally Synchronized Moment of Love. This moment is designed to help us shift from a consciousness of fear based action on the planet to a consciousness where love, understanding and forgiveness will be the place we act from.

With the many escalating challenges, including economic, financial, geological and social, it is time for our family of humanity to CARE even more deeply, together.

This symbolic act of CARING extends into the hearts, minds and souls of all beings, as our basic nature beyond past conflicts. As we come together in this Moment of Love, we get to feel and know the results together into the months ahead. Each one of us has a role in making this shift happen, and you can participate from anywhere in the world you may be.

The Global Webcast & Seattle events (University of Washington) on Friday and Saturday September 9th and 10th feature solution-minded luminaries addressing challenges in 12 Pillars of Human Endeavor. The webcast is interactive, so you can join the conversation and share your ideas. Seattle participants can also enjoy free personal empowerment workshops.

Sunday, September 11th features the Moment of Love at 3:46 pm PST, ten years and ten hours after the first plane strike. In addition, forgiveness activities, live music, speakers, and experiences helping make this shift will weave a tapestry of a powerful healing that day that, and you can watch on the web or join with others in Seattle.

Visit their website to watch the short video, learn more about the amazing story behind this event, see the line up of incredible speakers, and at the very least-pledge to send love on 9/11! The organizers have a goal of connecting at least 3 million people in this moment, so please share this with your family, friends, and networks and let’s BE, collectively, the change we want to see in the world.

This post is part of a collective tribute for September 11th. Click here for more Care2 stories on 9/11.


Ameer T.
Ameer T6 years ago

True this was a devastating event. I won't implicate some particular group responsible for it either. But once let us take a moment to consider something that may be bigger and better than all of us. Americans and peoples from all nationalities died on that fateful day, so the grief should rightly be shared by the entire world and the loss should be considered global, not just American. But even if someone did not lose a friend or relative in the 9/11 attacks, we are all connected through the bond of humanity. And therefore there is where my appeal lies.

America started a war in 3 countries as a direct consequence of the 9/11 attacks. in ten years How many people do you think were bombed, attacked, arrested, shot, harrassed, murdered, raped, orphaned, widowed, threatened, robbed and killed? i dont think a true figure would ever be reached. but it would be safe to say they were in the millions.

They couldn't all be terrorists. thats common sense. But what they were and are, are our brethren humans. They feel pain as much as you, they love their families as much as you, they love liberty as much as you, they are in a sense just like you.

How many of them would need to continue to die as a consequence of war? how many children should continue to wait for their father or mother to come back, or widows for their spouses.

America has set a bad precedant when it was in power. Would you like some super power of the future to come bomb your house & family to oblivion?

Ameer T.
Ameer T6 years ago

Someone should feel the pain and sorrows of the millions that died and are dying as a result of the Bush retributional wars. If i am sensitive to the pain of Americans (and i am) i should also be sensitive to the sufferings of millions who have lost their families, their children, their spouses, their homes and have had insult added to injury by having been called terrorists as well.

And without also being insensitive to the American tragedy, it is imprudent to assume that the event's tragedy was shared by the whole world. A vast population of the world has no access to cable TV and news channels (think Africa, Afghanistan, remote China and India and many more). Another vast number of people of this planet couldn't afford to care even if they wanted to because they had to fight for their very life for daily bread (think famine striken countries). So an American tragedy is not a global tragedy and it is insulting to assume so.

however it is also vain to assume that everyone in the world was touched by the American loss. But even assuming so, are Americans also touched by the loss of lives their wars have caused? could the Americans possibly console mothers who have lost their babies, daughters that have been raped, husband arrested in the middle of the night never to be seen again, mothers and wives raped and killed in front of children, and homes destroyed.

When America exhibits such lack of sympathy and empathy, why should it expect any itself?

PAM S.6 years ago


go G.
C. G6 years ago

Noted with loving kindness....

Alpa Patel
Alpa P6 years ago

I was in WTC from 8-8:20 am on Sept. 11th. I was in the lobby with my father in Tower 2. We came out from the train. It was a normal day and we both did our normal routines talked at the lobby and say hello to people and said goodbye to each other. We were both spared from the attacks because we were both in different locations not at WTC during the attacks, but not too far from the WTC. The timing was the key because we would have been in WTC around 8:30 -9am,but that day we rushed to Manhattan. I did not see the towers get hit, but I smelled the smoke from the Brooklyn Bridge after the attacks. It changed my life because I struggled with health issues, other issues, and fear. I hit rock bottom that time. I became a different person with problems. Many days I would cry or feel ill during these 10 years. I slowly came back and became stronger because of my family, health professionals, friends, God, and other great people who supported me in my darkest times. I shared my story with women who have problems due to wars, not having support from others, health issues, rape, and such. Since 9-11 I have done a lot of social work for animals, environment, advocacy, poor, signed petitions that helped passed laws, volunteering at the temple, and more. I said to myself that I will fight back evil through good services. I prayed every year since 9-11 that bin Laden be punished. I was very happy when I heard he was shot by the Navy Seals. I learned I am so much stronger than I thought.

Leih K.
Leih K.6 years ago

We will certainley never forget this day.I hope the 10th 9/11 anniversary will bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones and peace of mind and the world will come together to remember 9/11.We must not give in to terrorism and the people who do these things are brought to justice.We should not have to put up with such silliness and acts of evil in this day and age.I can only hope the world will one day be better off without these acts and the world will learn their is no place in socoeity today for those to commit these offensive acts.Prayers to the survivors and heroes of 9/11.

jude T.
jude T6 years ago

Never will I forget the Love that is lost. Let us learn from this! x

Alamzeb Akhund
Alamzeb Khan6 years ago

9/11 is not only confined to Americans but it is a huge human tragedy which sabotaged the peace and prosperity of many nations.Million innocent Afghan children,men and women were killed after this tragedy.Million Iraqis were killed by American war planes,tanks,missiles and sophisticated weapons.After this human tragedy the world politics was focused on anti terrorism.

Sara R.
Sara R6 years ago

Definitely will add this to my weekend. Thank you.

Anni Walker
Anni Walker6 years ago

My heart and thoughts will be focused on this tragedy and the survivors all day 9/11...Patriots Day.