An Instant Decor Fix For Ugly Furniture

One of the easiest and most underutilized interior design strategies? Drape your furniture in simple cotton canvas painter’s drop cloths. Here are four examples.

Above: Wrapped in a drop cloth, a sofa becomes a Christo-like work of art; this one is in antique store owner Hitoshi Uchida’s home in Kamakura, Japan. Photo via The Selby.

Above: A covered chair from Le Dans La. (N.B. If you like the white painted brick, see Remodelista‘s post: Another Brick in the Wall.)

Above: An instant bedspread, via Kikette Interiors. Although this one appears to be linen, a laundered painter’s drop cloth would also work.

Above: The draped sofa adds a casual note to a potentially formal space; photo by Jim Franco.

Above: At the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, beds are draped in covers resembling drop cloths from Free City in Malibu.

Above: Cotton canvas drop cloths are available from several online sources. Ace Hardware offers heavyweight Canvas Drop Cloths in several sizes, ranging in price from $25.99 to $35.99.

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Hmm this is awfully unique information present in the blog, I really love reading this.

Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra4 years ago

Thank you Remodelista, for Sharing this!

Carol P.
Carol P4 years ago

Hmmmm. I do like the idea of making use of an inexpensive resource, none of these were all that pleasing to me. I can imagine someone making drapes or perhaps a room divider of some sort that could be cool. And canvas has long been used for floor covers.

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Heidi R.
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I don't think I could live with this, but to each his own.

Terry V.
Terry V4 years ago

looks like they're preparing the rooms for painting.......... and an ad for ace hardware

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Not sure but Thanks for sharing.

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