My Top 10 Uses of Vinegar In the Home

Once on a plane I sat next to one of the world’s experts on vinegar. Talk about synchronicity! Who better to sit next to me, the author of Clean & Green? What I learned from him expanded my appreciation of vinegar from a good grease cutter and window cleaner to oh so many more things!

Vinegar is now right up there with baking soda as indispensable, and here’s why:

1. Killer of Bacteria, Mold & Germs

2. Grease Cutter

3. Floor Cleaner

4. For Windows

5. Toilet Bowl Deodorizer

6. Remover of Mineral (scale) Buildup

7. Fabric Softener

8. Furniture Cleaner

9. Drain Clearer

10. Brass Cleaner

By Annie B. Bond


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Margaret M. F.
Marge F4 years ago

Thank you for posting this.

Lady Kaira
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Mary Donnelly
Mary Donnelly4 years ago

No.6 is useful and cheap.

Nikolas K.
Nikolas K4 years ago

We would not have superbugs in our hospitals if we used vinegar to clean the floors and had carpets removed. Spray the beds with colloidal silver when a patient vacates the bed and new linen installed. Oops silly me this cannot happen as the supply of cash cows (Us) to the hospital business would drop and doctors would have to put up with not being able to upgrade the car and furniture yearly but probably would have to save like the rest of us have to do. The cash cows would not be queing up at their doors.
Two professions that get you to accept liability for their incompetence is the medical system and the legal profession, this should make you think of what is going on in reality.

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