Another Rhino Population Goes Extinct

There are no more wild black rhinos in Western Africa according to an update of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. This publication is the world’s most comprehensive inventory of threatened biological species.

It also documented the northern white rhino in central Africa as being on the brink of extinction. If you have been following rhino developments, you are already aware the Javan rhino in Vietnam was recently declared extinct.

Demand for rhino horn coming from Asia has fueled more poaching by criminals, sometimes with technology on their side such as helicopters AK-47s and even night-vision goggles.

“You’ve got to imagine an animal walking around with a gold horn; that’s what you’re looking at, that’s the value and that’s why you need incredibly high security,” said an IUCN official. (Source: BBC)

In the last three years in South Africa about 800 rhinos have been killed illegally. Their horns can sell for $35,000 per kilogram, yet they have no medical benefit whatsoever. Traditional Chinese medicine has held the false belief rhino horn does have such benefits for a long time, but that view is merely superstition. The main material in rhino horn is just keratin, which is also found in human fingernails and toenails. So purchasers of rhino horn are not only contributing to the devastation of completely innocent wild rhinos, they are wasting their own money at the same time.

The rhino poaching situation in Africa is so dire in some places, legalization of rhino horn trade has been considered. Rhino horn stockpiles could be sold to raise money for rhino conservation, and poachers would no longer be the ones controlling the rhino horn trade. The World Wildlife Fund is against legalization saying it could lead to the extinction of all rhinos.


Image Credit: Yoky

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Aud Nordby
Aud n4 years ago


Genoveva M.
Genoveva M M4 years ago

Just to think...and so many poachers we could get rid off, I wish they were extinct.

Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage s5 years ago

...., or should I say "hit them hard" In the end.

Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage s5 years ago

This Is ONLY SAD and the people behind don`t realize that their own life too Is in danger because of this. They only think of short profit, but In the end IT will bite them hard.....

Heather M
Heather Marvin5 years ago

Officials need to put fear into those who would destroy these animals for gain. Those who kill the rhino, those who would buy their products. HUGE fines, penalties that far outweigh the outrageous amount they pay for the horns. They have to outsmart these criminals who are destroying the populations of these treasures. They need to be seen as more value alive for tourism not dead for horns. these armoured tanks are truly unique and need to be seen as such. Live on Mighty Rhino!

natalie n.
natalie n5 years ago

such tragedies exist because of human greed and misinformed actions.

Chee Siong Tan
Chee Siong Tan5 years ago

A Tragic Ending.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Very, very sad. This doesn't have to happen.

Nr B.
Nancy B5 years ago


Claire T.
Claire T5 years ago

Oh, but it's not just as medicine ... it's for virility !! And men can believe *anything* will work if their virility is on the line. The amount of education it would take to knock out those stupid ideas would probably be impossible to fund. If we could just start a campaign where people made fun of the men for believing such nonsense. But ... all it takes is one man consuming the powdered horn or however it is administered, *believing* in it and then thinking that is why he ... how can I put this delicately ... was able to perform, to get more men to buy it. Self-fulfilling stupidity.