How to Find Answers From The Collective Unconscious

Carl Jung became aware of a vast pool of information and insights available to everyone if the individual could tune into it. He called this information pool the collective unconscious. Here is a technique that can help you find a book or to give you wisdom about a personal problem, all by tapping into the collective unconscious:

Use this technique when you encounter difficulties. You will be surprised how easy it is to find the right solution, either in deep meditation or in dreams.

When you are ready, take a deep breath and tell yourself that as you exhale you will descend to the proper level for contacting your essence and thereby the collective unconscious. Then say something like this:

Creator, my need is _____ .
I know the answer will be supplied.
It may come in a flash of insight or a thought of a person, in a particular writing to which I am led, or in another way I can understand.
I know you will supply the answer in your own time.
Thank you, Creator.

Dismiss the problem from your mind and if you do not receive an answer, repeat your question in subsequent meditations. Donít set a timetable. Have confidence that you will now whatever is needed at the appropriate time, even if your knowledge concerns a future event. The collective unconscious, like your subconscious, is above time and contains all the knowledge of the past and the future, yet it has no sense of earthly time and placing a deadline on it will block it. Have faith. It will be rewarded.

Adapted from Centering, by Sanders G. Laurie et al (Inner Traditions, 1993). Copyright (c) 1993 by Sanders G. Laurie et al. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Centering, by Sanders G. Laurie et al (Inner Traditions, 1993).


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