Antibiotic Resistance and the Rise of the Superbug

This was a particularly tough cold and flu season. In my neck of the woods, people were getting sick for weeks instead of days, with illnesses tearing through entire families at once. Thousands flocked to get a flu shot in the hopes of avoiding the bug wreaking havoc with their friends. Few realize that widespread vaccine and antibiotic use is actually part of the problem.

“Hailed as ‘miracle drugs’ when they came into widespread use in 1941, antibiotics quickly became a panacea,” writes Blair Lewis of Yoga+. “Because both doctors and patients wanted quick cures, we have been throwing antibiotics at a host of ailments for the past half-century, whether they were required or not. That was a mistake.”

Misuse of antibiotics and vaccines have created new breeds of bacteria that are especially talented at withstanding these so-called cures. Untouched by our conventional medicines, these superbugs are now running rampant, making us sicker than ever.

As you can see in the infographic below, antibiotic-resistant bacteria cost us millions of dollars in wasted medical funds, and leave our compromised immune systems even more exposed to illness. The answer may seem counterintutitive, but it’s the only way to stop these superbugs: feed our bodies nutrients that will build, not substitute for, our immune systems. Reduce exposure to antibiotics unless it’s absolutely necessary, and get educated about holistic antibiotics that work with, rather than against, our bodies.

Superbugs: How We're Making Harmful Bacteria Stronger With Antibiotics

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Del Rykert
Del Rykert5 years ago

Also true Mike W, but most lay people don't know how to avoid and what to watch for an infection turning systemic. Drinking alcohol and excessive sun also surpress the immune system as to all steroids. So all of these issues should be explained if people are going to have a fighting chance to bolster their immune systems.

Mike W.
Mike Wilson5 years ago

It's always advisable to avoid taking antibiotics as much as possible..Keep your immune system strong by having natural foods and try natural remedies like ginger and turmeric to beat the flu symptoms..

Del Rykert
Del Rykert5 years ago

Another fact Beth neglected to address was the over use of hand sanitizers instead of soap and water.

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tiffany t.
tiffany t5 years ago

the reality is very alarming, great immune systems help but against super bugs everybody is in danger

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago

I'm allergic to most antibiotics.................

Richard T.
Richard T5 years ago


Adilene W.
Roger W5 years ago

I rarely take any medicine. I usually drink lots of tea and water when I get a cold. Headache? I sleep it off. Doctors give antibiotics for everything now a day... Now, this is the price to pay.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran5 years ago

thanks. i believe the clever scientists who isolated the cures from natural cures made a mistake and that it was thge blend of chemicals in the natural cure that worked and did not encourage super bugs.

Spirit Spider
Spirit Spider5 years ago

Garlic, garlic, garlic!