Anxiety And Acceptance

Sometimes the anxiety just comes for me, the collision of my reality and the way I think it should be. It’s a mental train wreck that keeps me stuck. I cling to the dreams, the shoulds, the appearance of a gap. I worry I’m not doing enough, that I’ve screwed it up, that I’ve kept myself from manifesting the thing in my head. And what the hell, maybe I have. Maybe I missed amessage. Maybe I didn’t have the courage to do what needed to be done. Maybe I wasn’t ready. 

Either way, here I am. The choices I made are the choices I made. This is my reality. The dream I had for today doesn’t match my truth. There is a gap and now, I’m anxious and it’s not helping anything. Period. It does not serve me one bit to obsess about it. I need to shift my focus. I need to accept what is. I need to celebrate what there is to be celebrated, and wallow in all of the beautiful things in my life.

And breathe. I need to breathe. That grounds me… holds me… a strong, loving, embrace from the Divine within me. There is much to celebrate today–a beautiful life, breathtaking love, health, and a business that allows me to touch lives… even if it’s not the way I always thought would be–and I choose that. I choose me.

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Skylar S.
Skylar S4 years ago

Oddly enough, I woke up not long ago from anxiety rushing into my chest during my sleep. I seem to often wake up that way and I hate it. I always feel glad to know I'm not alone.

Deborah W.
Deborah W4 years ago

This too shall pass, nothing is static. We don't always get what we want, but over time we usually get what we need. Think back.

Tammy Baxter
Tammy B4 years ago

thank you

Anna M.
Anna M4 years ago


Bonnie M.
Bonnie M4 years ago

Almost everyone have feelings of anxiety at some point in life. I remind myself that nothing in this life is permanent, problems included. Financial crisis is more common than is generally accepted- it is difficult for anyone to be in this tough spot when it threatens food, shelter and peace of mind. Try praying and try to clear the mind to get some perspective and not allow yourself to go on a downward spiral. Lift yourself out of a negative situation- surely, there is someone you can reach out to.

Ashtyn M.
Ashtyn Dicks4 years ago

Good way to explain it :)

Vicky P.
Vicky P4 years ago

Yes, Anne, it's called anxiety, look it up if you don't understand. God doesn't help everyone in the way you feel, so you may need to get a grip.

Katya J.
Katya J4 years ago

Ispiring! Thanks! :-)

Grahame R.
Grahame R.4 years ago

How tragic that our culture feeds this sort of narcissistic self-obssession. Get out into the developing world and see what a real crisis looks, feels and smells like!

Mary B.
Mary B4 years ago

And maybe some times a desire doesn't manifest because it won't feel like you think it will so it's not in alignment with what you want. Maybe the hoops you'd have to jump thru to get it would take you too far out of range of what feels good that your body won't let you go there.Like if that 'dream job' means you'd have to get up at 4:00 in the morning, drive a 100 miles, spend 10 hours, then drive 100 miles home 5 days a week, leaveing the kids to fend for themselves, even if they're old enough to do so, might just be 'not so much' worth it after a short while.Or maybe there might be something about what you want that is in conflict with a strongly held value. Our system of economics and government in this country is so full of little nasties that it would over whelm our conscious mind very quickly. I believe we are in the process of bringing all that stuff to lite so that we can simplify, streamline, and end the exploitation and ecological damage and create a much more realistic system for actual people to inhabit.