April Fools’ Day Good Deeds That No One Will See Coming

April Fools’ Day is a mischievous person’s favorite day of the year and a peacekeeper’s most dreaded. There are endless ideas for both fun-loving and, honestly, pretty cruel pranks to play on your loved ones (or mortal enemies). But just because April 1st rolls by on the calendar doesn’t mean you have to participate in the pranky-ness of the day.

In fact, using April Fools’ Day for good deeds, or “anti-pranks,” can be a great way to bring some smiles to those around you. Imagine this: you come to work expecting the cubicle clown to have messed with your desktop wallpaper or shoved confetti in your overhead shelf, but instead you’re surprised to see them offer you a can of peanut brittle that contains… actual peanut brittle. What a relief and a sweet gesture!

Here are some ideas to bring some joy to those around you this April 1st:

Leaving a surprise in the car…

So many pranks out there involve someone getting into their car and then BAM! Confetti, snakes, something smeared on the steering wheel – who knows. Instead of making the commute to work or running errands even more stressful, give your significant other’s vehicle a through vacuuming or washing. Clean out the back seat, like they’ve been meaning to do for weeks. Leave a box of their favorite chocolates in the passenger seat and a sweet-smelling air freshener on the rearview mirror with a note telling them how much you appreciate them. Their day will start all smiles.

Surprise first thing in the morning…

Speaking of starting off the day right: this year, resist the plastic-wrap-over-the-toilet and replacing-the-sugar-jar-with-salt pranks to make sure your family members and roommates aren’t waking up completely pissed (or covered in it). Alternatively, leave them a breakfast burrito in the fridge so all they have to do is heat up breakfast and be on their way. Program the coffee pot to start brewing the moment they walk into the kitchen (or leave them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop!). Write an affirmation on the bathroom mirror with your finger so they’ll see it after their morning shower. Get creative!

Leaving a surprise in a lunchbox…

For kids, some fun-loving pranks can be enjoyable. But startling or mean pranks can do the opposite. If your little one goes off somewhere with a lunchbox on April 1st, leave them a special treat inside. You could even devise an anti-prank where you disguise a box of raisins to contain candy or some other trickery they’ll be excited to find. For adult loved ones, you can do the same: hide their favorite snack or a gift card for an activity they can enjoy over the weekend in the lunch they’ve packed for themselves. You can easily slip gift cards into purses or briefcases (just don’t go snooping around in there!).

Surprise in the conference room…

So many pranks take place at the office this time of year. Wrapping a colleague’s car in plastic wrap or filling their cubicle with packing peanuts might make us laugh if we see it on YouTube, but it’s not so fun to deal with in real life. If you have a lovable boss whom you’d like to be on the receiving end of an anti-prank this year (or a co-worker who’s had a LOT on their plate lately), consider pooling resources and brainstorming power to come up with a grand way to take them off guard. Deep clean their computer, keyboard, and mouse for them. Make an “Employee of the Month” bulletin board with their accomplishments – even if your company doesn’t even have a monthly employee program. Make ‘em smile.

Surprise at the end of the workday…

You come home from a long day and all you want to do is kick your feet up with the remote or a good book, when your roommate comes up and “sneezes” on you, a fine mist of moisture landing on the back of your neck. For most, the water mister prank isn’t what the doctor ordered when all we want to do is relax. Instead, pick something you know your housemates will appreciate to see when they walk in the door. Maybe that one household chore that no one likes to do can magically get done. Perhaps dinner can be in the oven or ordered from take-out. Or your loved one can be presented with the choice of any fun, weekend activity they’d like to do to unwind. Impromptu movie night with an old-fashioned pillow fort! Print out new photos of family and friends for the picture frames! Decorate the fridge with magnets that spell out their favorite poem or musical lyric! Make their April Fools’ Day a little less foolish and way more friendly.

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Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago


Jerome S
Jerome Sabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Steven W
Steven Wabout a year ago

Those are great ideas. Thank you.

Magdalen B
Magdalen Babout a year ago

Worked out the riddle but I won't spoil it for everybody else.

Magdalen B
Magdalen Babout a year ago

April Fooling, I was told by an old lady years ago, should end at midday. After that it's "Legging Over" i.e. tripping people up, which could be very unpleasant for the tripee, even if the tripper thought it hilarious. After six it was Kissing. Such behaviour could, in these litigious times, lead to charges of battery or sexual assault.

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Danuta Wabout a year ago

Thanks for sharing.

Ron B
Ron Babout a year ago

I've fantasized about putting a fake rat in the toilet bowl for my wife to find first thing in the morning. Boy howdy, she wouldn't see that one coming! But I guess that wouldn't be a good deed...

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Mariana Labout a year ago

Thank you for sharing.

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