Are Vitamins Necessary for Vegetarian Kids?

Q: Is a multi-vitamin necessary for vegetarian toddlers / kids?

A: In general, I am not a big advocate of vitamin supplementation. Thereís very little scientific evidence that consuming an individual micronutrient actually benefits the health. Instead, I recommend that you get your nutrients from eating a well-rounded diet.

For vegetarian children, the most likely deficiencies would be Vitamin B12 and Iron.

There are two types of iron: heme, which is the type found in meat; and non-heme, which is the type found in non-meat items such as eggs, cereals, vegetables, peas, beans and lentils. Non-heme iron is not as well absorbed by the body as heme iron, but the absorption can be enhanced by vitamin C, which is a good reason for giving vegetables and fruit at the same time.† Most vegetarians get enough Vit C in their diet.

Vegetarians normally get enough B12 from dairy produce. If you or your children practice a vegan diet try to eat foods enriched with B12 (such as breakfast cereals) or regularly include fortified yeast extract in the diet. Vegans may need to take a Vit B12 supplement.

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Thanks for the info.

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kids dont have choices...they have to eat what their parents gives hopefully extra vit.will be hopes!!!

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@Jack S.

Supplements and other vitamins contain trace amounts of many toxins, are acid forming in the body (screws up your pH) and very difficult to absorb.

Why would you not just feed your child healthy absorbable nourishment, instead of feeding him crap, then supplementing with more crap?

You see the problem is not that a vegetarian or vegan diet is unhealthy. The problem is that some people refuse to eat whole grains, leafy greens, raw nuts, sprouted legumes etc. When they go vegan, they are still eating white bread, commercial peanut butter, processed soy products with sugar, etc. Of course they are malnourished. So is any meat eater who primarily consumes those things as well.

By the way plants contain more of the nourishment we need then meat and dairy does. And a lot of plant sources come pre loaded with amino acids, unlike meat which our body first has to break down to get at the amino acids, adding an extra energy draining, nourishment burning step.

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A valuable piece of great info. Thanks for sharing.

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Raising a vegetarian kid and especially a vegan kid without supplements is a great way to raise a kid to have nutrient deficiencies.

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go vegan! :)

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not needed

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